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The Texas trial lawyers of our Law Offices have litigated numerous cases which have received local and national media attention. The following is a sample of cases which exemplify the type of work in which our attorneys have considerable experience.

Woman Fatally Ejected From Vehicle After Being Over-Served Alcohol
Our Law Office was hired to investigate the mysterious death of a young mother who was ejected from a moving vehicle. Our investigation uncovered that the young woman was served an obscene quantity of alcohol, in direct violation of the TABC serving code, which resulted in her having a blood alcohol content that was nearly 4 times the legal limit.

In her intoxicated state the young woman accidentally opened the door of the vehicle she was traveling in and fell onto the roadway. Our firm filed a dram shop wrongful death lawsuit against the major chain restaurant that had over served the decedent.

Woman Killed in 18-Wheeler Cargo-Shift Accident
Our Law Office was hired to pursue a wrongful death claim by the family of a woman killed in an 18-wheeler truck accident. The woman was a passenger in the truck, which somehow lost control before wrecking.

A load-shift had caused the tractor trailer’s cargo, which consisted of frozen meats, to break through the front of the trailer, crash into the big rig truck’s cab, and fatally injure our client. Police had remarked that this accident was one of the worst tractor trailer accidents they had ever seen.

Man Crushed to Death in Pipe Foundry Accident
The daughter of a pipe foundry worker hired the attorneys of our Law Offices to pursue a wrongful death claim against several responsible entities after her father was killed in a tragic workplace accident.

The victim was crushed between two large sections of pipe, weighing around 19,000 lbs. The accident also injured and hospitalized one other worker.

Young Woman Killed in Accident With Tanker Truck
Our Law Office was hired on behalf of the parents and minor child of a 20-year-old woman who was killed in an accident with a commercial vehicle.

The young woman was a passenger in a vehicle which struck a disabled 18-wheeler tanker truck. The stalled truck had no lights on, and was stopped in the middle of highway 79 at approximately 2:00 am.

The newscast simply places blame on the driver of the car. Luckily for the family of the victim, our firm was hired to conduct an independent investigation following the accident.

Young Man Killed On-The-Job in Grain Silo Accident
The lawyers at our Law Offices were hired by the family of a 21-year-old worker who was killed when a grain elevator suffered a structural failure and collapsed, killing two.

The young man, who had not been working at the grain elevator long, died after being buried alive in grain and structural debris for about 3 hours. Officials have said that the cause of the collapse was not attributed to the victims involved.

Truck Driver Killed in Accident With Two Other 18-Wheelers
The family of a truck driver hired our Law Offices to investigate and litigate claims for wrongful death damages against two trucking companies for their contribution to a fatal collision.

The accident occurred as two 18-wheelers, fully laden with cargo, stopped in the middle of the highway blocking all lanes of traffic, thereby causing a third truck to crash into them as he rounded a bend. The resulting carnage was described by the Highway Patrol as being the worst trucking accident they have witnessed.

Driver Killed by Trucker Under the Influence of Drugs
The mother of a deceased young man hired the truck accident attorneys of our Law Offices to file a wrongful death lawsuit against a trucking company following a fatal accident whereby her son was killed by an intoxicated truck driver.

The fuel tanker truck’s driver was driving with a suspended license, admitted to being on crack cocaine, and has multiple prior intoxicated driving charges. He faces 6 felony charges relating to the accident.

Construction Worker Fatally Injured on Work Site
The wife and children of a deceased construction worker hired our Law Offices to pursue wrongful death claims against several major construction companies after the victim was crushed to death by a very large section of pipe.

The decedent was working on a section of pipe when it started to roll. The victim was subsequently knocked into a trench, and crushed by the pipe.

Fatal Car Accident Due to Reckless Driving
The parents of a female mail carrier hired the attorneys at our Law Offices to pursue a wrongful death claim against a construction company after a fatal car accident.

As the mail carrier slowed to make a left-hand turn, an employee of a construction company attempted an illegal passing maneuver, striking the deceased victim’s car on the driver’s side as she was making the turn. The force of the impact caused the victim’s vehicle to roll over and eject the driver.

18-Wheeler Blocks Traffic, Causes Fatal Accident
An accident with an 18-wheeler left one man dead and a passenger fighting for his life.

An 18-wheeler had made an illegal U-turn and was blocking ALL lanes of travel, causing the pickup truck to drive under the trailer.

Our Law Office was hired by the injured victim (who suffered a traumatic brain injury in the accident) as well as the family of another occupant of the vehicle who was killed upon impact. Our law firm was hired to file a lawsuit against the allegedly negligent defendant, a trucking company.

Construction Worker Killed While On The Job
The daughters of an oilfield worker hired the attorneys of our Law Offices to investigate and pursue a wrongful death case against several oil services companies which contributed to death of their father.

The fatal accident occurred as the worker was struck in the head by a piece of pipe that was being guided by heavy equipment.

Truck Crashes Into Building, Pins & Injures Restaurant Worker
A woman was injured when an 18-wheeler crashed into a McDonald’s. The 18-wheeler accident occurred as the truck driver left the cab of the truck at a nearby truck stop, and the tractor trailer began to roll. Upon crashing through a wall, the 18-wheeler pinned the woman against a section of wall. She turned to the 18-wheeler accident attorneys of our Law Offices to ensure that she received fair compensation for her injuries.

Pawn Shop Employee Killed During Armed Robbery
An employee of a pawn shop was killed in an armed robbery. The family of the employee hired the wrongful death attorneys of our Law Offices to pursue a wrongful death claim against the defendants. Although two of the suspects have been apprehended, a third suspect remains at large. The Police Department is encouraging anyone with information regarding this suspect to come forward. If you have such information, please help.

Young Woman Killed in Drunk Driver Wreck
A 23-year-old woman died after she was allegedly served to the point of intoxication (nearly three times the legal limit) at a popular Texas area night spot, and was involved in a horrendous car accident shortly thereafter. This horrible and senseless accident was the result of a bar serving a patron more alcohol than is legally allowed, and then allowing her to drive home.

The family of the young woman hired our Law Offices to file a wrongful death suit against the establishment to hold them accountable for their contribution to her demise.

Worker Shot & Killed in Premises Liability Case
The family of a maintenance worker hired our firm to pursue a claim against a negligent party when the worker was shot and killed in a burglary. The decedent and another worker were called to fix a window at an apartment complex, and happened across a possible burglary. After calling the police, the two workers were approached by one of the potential robbers, who then shot the men. One worker was pronounced dead at the scene.

18-Wheeler Causes Fatal Head-On Collision
Our Law Office was hired to investigate a fatal truck accident, and to pursue a wrongful death claim in the case of a 28-year-old father of four, who was killed while he was driving to work in the morning hours. Witnesses called 911 and reported that an 18-wheeler was swerving erratically. Unfortunately the authorities did not have time to intervene and the truck driver swerved into oncoming traffic, killing one and injuring several others.

West Texas Oilfield Injuries Attorney

The oilfields of West Central Texas remain among the most productive in the U.S. with thousands of pumping stations in operations and new exploration derricks rising every year. Thousands of oilfield workers and their families enjoy the economic benefits that result from the oil and gas industry throughout the region.
Unfortunately, oil and gas workers suffer among the highest rates of injuries and accidental deaths from industrial accidents. In a typical year, more than 600 oilfield deaths occur nationally and Texas is at the top of the list, accounting for as high as 40 percent of the deaths.* Many hundreds more are severely injured in accidents that result in catastrophic injuries such as serious burns, fall injuries, head injuries from falling and swinging equipment, amputations and crush fractures of the hands and feet.
In some cases, the accidents are the result of negligence or misconduct on the part of improperly trained workers and subcontractors on-site. In many cases, however, the injuries or deaths are the result of defective equipment or unsafe working conditions.
Oilfield workers injured on the job are typically covered for medical care and lost wages by their employer’s workers’ compensation coverage. But workers’ comp only covers two-thirds of the amount of lost earnings. There are no benefits for pain, inconvenience or other intangible damages directly related to the injury or death of a loved one. Fortunately, the law allows an injured worker to sue for full and fair compensation through a process known as third-party litigation against the individual or corporate entity held liable for causing the accident, other than the employer.
A Lawyer With Years Of Experience In The Insurance Litigation Field
If you were injured in any kind of accident related to the oil industry in West Central Texas, turn your case over to Ketterman Rowland & Westlund in Abilene. will help you secure the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to, while also reviewing your case to determine whether you have a legitimate claim for damages against a third party. Greg offers nearly a quarter century of experience in personal injury claims and litigation. You can trust that he will work aggressively to help you and your family recover the full and fair monetary compensation you deserve.

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