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Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawyers
Unfortunately, bar personnel tend to act in self-interest on the basest level. They like tips and the more people drink, the more money they have to stuff into their pockets at night’s end. Identifying someone who has had too much to drink is not an arcane science privy to only a knowledgeable few. The swaying, slurring, sluggish manner of the intoxicated can be spotted by almost anyone, which is why bar personnel act negligently when they ignore these obvious symptoms and serve nonetheless.

Managing over-service would be a simple task for most bars and clubs. Even penciling a drink tally for each customer would be a good-faith effort to prevent pushing people over the legal limit through ample amounts of drinks, but most establishments do not even implement this level of care. Unfortunately, most bars have absolutely no system or policy in place for over-serving and the law dictates that they should be held accountable for this.

Beyond serving a drunken individual, bar and club personnel are not even permitted by law to let the man or woman leave the premises without having ensured that they are being driven by a sober friend or cab driver. The moment they watch a stumbling man or woman leave their bar, they are neglecting their due diligence. Other acts of neglect far exceed these simple cases. In the past, bartenders have been exposed in cases where they helped a drunken person leave their bar and belted them into their car. In these cases, the alcohol-serving establishments acted in egregious negligence and should be held responsible. Our Texas drunk motorcyclist lawyers have over twenty years of experience in personal injury law and can help you uncover the liability of a bar or club.

Motorcycle accidents and magnified damages
The unfortunate reality of our roads and highways is that the risk of high-speed accidents is ever present. It is dangerous enough to operate a vehicle every day of the week under an infinite set of conditions. The odds mandate that you will suffer an accident of some magnitude in your lifetime. The consequences of such accidents become magnified when you are operating a motorcycle. Inasmuch as they are physically exposed, motorcyclists are vulnerable to injuries against which other traditional motorists are protected. In the case of motorcycle accidents, the Texas Department of Transportation reports that two-thirds of the cases precipitated serious injury or death. In the year of 2018 in Texas, 398 motorcycle accidents resulted in death to the motorcyclists. That figure reflects 14 percent of the total motor vehicle-related fatalities within the calendar year. Operating a motorcycle is a dangerous enterprise; it becomes exponentially more so if a bar, nightclub or tavern has allowed you to straddle your motorcycle while intoxicated.

The danger inherent in operating a motorcycle is reflected in our justice systems as well. The courts see motorcycle accidents through a unique lens. Because it is so rare for a motorcycle accident to result in merely property damage, a motorcycle accident, nearly by default, requires legal assistance from a capable Texas motorcycle attorney. Serious injury to yourself or death for your loved one are an ominous possibility in any drunk motorcyclist case.

What drunk motorcyclists may suffer
Any personal injury case hinges on the reality of damages. While damages within our court system are recognized as dollar figures, for such is the only sufficient way to compensate them, damages may take many forms. In the case of motorcycle accidents, these injuries tend to be quite serious. A drunk motorcyclist in the state of Texas may experience injuries as minor as bruises and abrasions to more serious, mortal injuries such as brain or spinal cord trauma. Another normal occurrence in a motorcycle injury is the infliction of what is commonly known as road rash. While minor, if untreated, road rash itself can evolve into a serious infection. If any of these serious injuries goes untreated with immediate medical attention, liable parties may escape their due responsibility and you may be burdened with intimidating medical expenses for which there will be no legal recourse. It is always important to seek medical attention quickly and document its extent. Some common categories for the debilitating fallout a drunk motorcyclist may experience are:

Bone fractures
Spinal cord injury
Brain trauma and damage
Loss of limbs

Broken bones are always a possibility when operating a motorcycle. There is nothing between you and the road, the elements, other automobiles. If ejected from a motorcycle, you are protected by no seat belt, no metal shell. When you leave a motorcycle, you are thrown onto the road, ground or into another object. Depending on the momentum you have accumulated at the time and the abruptness with which your body is halted, such collisions will precipitate in a wide range of cracked and shattered bones. Broken arms and legs are common. Any broken bone suffered in the course of a motorcycle accident is likely to result in a loss of ability to perform even the most basic of physical tasks and certainly in the loss of work.

Motorcycle accident injuries of a more serious nature may include damage to your brain or spinal cord, the central processing units of your whole vitality. These are life-long injuries and may compromise your or a loved one’s ability to ever carry on an ordinary life. The seriousness of these matters must be presented into the court to remotely approximate the gravity of a life compromised in terms of damages sought.

Drunk motorcyclists may find themselves in a disfigured state when the dust has cleared from their accident and medical treatment. Burn injuries are quite common, either from friction or sourced from various vehicles. The pain of burning is very severe, and suffering enough, but permanent scars on your digits, appendages, neck and face can endure long after the pain has subsided. The pain and suffering resulting from these is recognized by the courts and should be justly compensated for.

In extreme cases, unmanageable injuries to extremities and inward may necessitate the amputation of an arm or leg. The loss of a limb can drastically compromise your ability to live a productive and fulfilling life. Emotional distress resulting from amputation is also a very real and legally recognized reality. These emotional damages are tangible. They are real and also deserve compensation. If you have suffered any injury as a result of a drunk motorcycling accident, you need to seek out an experienced Texas drunk motorcyclist attorney to help sort out your options and begin reconstructing your livelihood.

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents
Purportedly, a motorcyclist dies every day in the course of operating their bike. It is a sobering reality and the sadness of the event is compounded when you consider the delicate emotions of the deceased’s family and friends. The gravity of such cases is not lost on the courts. Fatal motorcycle accidents are serious incidents and bring on several complications since it is the bereaved that must bring the case. As previously examined, these cases may be brought against a bar or any drink-serving establishment that a drunk motorcyclist may have visited, depending upon the circumstances. Other vehicles may also have been involved in the accident. Liability is distributable and may fire off in several directions at once. If you have experienced the loss of a loved one in a Texas drunk motorcyclist case, you will need a seasoned personal injury lawyer to help find exactly where the liability should be laid and in what proportions.

Damages may be collected by only one family member. It may be a wife or a parent or a child, but only a single individual can be compensated the damages suffered by the deceased. Nonetheless, if any family member or friend experienced some tangible, financial loss as a result of the accident, they may bring a lawsuit individually. Financial compensation is far from the lone concern in any drunk motorcyclist case. If dram shop laws pertain to the situation and a bar or restaurant or club is found to be grossly negligent, the bereaved often have a strong and rightful desire to see justice come to bear. They believe wrongdoing should be pointed out, established, documented and meted out. They are not wayward in this desire. Fatal motorcycle accidents involving a drunk rider who was put out on the streets by an irresponsible establishment demand justice be done, the wrong be held accountable. Our Law Offices have won thousands of personal injury cases and can help you hold these establishments accountable.

Challenges in drunk motorcyclist cases
Plaintiffs in first-party dram shop, drunk motorcyclist cases face a daunting, uphill battle. Motorcyclists are already perceived as a motley assemblage without the added stigma of a drunk-riding case. Without proper representation, dram shop cases that go to trial can lean unfairly in the favor of the drink-serving establishment. It is true that the burden of proof lies with the plaintiff to prove the negligence of the bar owner or staff and this can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, a Texas drunk motorcyclist lawyer who has both experience and a skillful agility in navigating our state’s laws has the ability to put these establishments in their proper place and force them to assume the liability that they deserve. Legal representatives will be working on behalf of the bar, tavern, club or restaurant as well, working to discredit the motorcyclist who was already shown to be drunk at the time of the accident. It is merely a pawn shop magic trick routine meant to deflect the responsibility that is theirs. When the truth is brought to light by an experienced personal injury attorney, such establishments can be exposed in their prevarication. The lawyers at our Law Offices have the years of experience and savvy necessary to hold these establishments accountable for their egregious actions.

Third party dram shop cases
While the intoxicated party him or herself, or the family in case of death, may bring a case against any establishment that acted negligently, a non-intoxicated party involved in the accident may also bring suit against any bar, tavern or club that acts likewise. If a drunk motorcyclist causes an accident in which you were involved and the bar or club can be found to have acted in an egregiously irresponsible manner, you can sue that bar or club for damages you have suffered. The laws of over-serving apply equally in this case, as previously examined above. It bears mentioning that negligent bars, restaurants, taverns and clubs can never assume total liability in any drunk motorcyclist case. Consequently, if you have innocently suffered damages caused by a drunk motorcyclist, you can only sue a bar for a portion of your damages proportionate to their liability. If, because of such an accident, you incur $100,000 in medical bills and lost wages, and the bar is determined by the court to be only 60 percent liable, you can only sue them for $60,000 of your total damages. You will have to gather the remainder from the drunk motorcyclist or any other involved party. Making these determinations is a complicated task vulnerable to many pitfalls. Securing the assistance of a competent Texas drunk motorcyclist attorney will ensure that you receive your maximum compensation.

Our attorneys are experienced in dram shop cases
Dram shop cases are considered controversial and difficult, but our Texas attorneys have never shied away from challenges where matters of justice were at stake. Because dram shop cases are difficult to carry out, only experienced lawyers with the acuity to determine appropriate liability are capable of handling them. Our firm has 20 years of experience and can help you win your case.

Every person who has suffered injury is prone to feeling like they can never get back on their feet. The feelings are multiplied when your accident was a result of your being intoxicated. If you feel the weight of responsibility for your own injuries and any other damages you may have suffered, either materially or emotionally, you are in good company. The court also recognizes that you are certainly responsible for a portion of your injuries. But to let negligent beer-pourers and cocktail-slingers off the hook would be a miscarriage of justice equal to you not assuming whatever responsibility was yours. Every party should, under the purist notions of law, assume the liability that is properly theirs.

Our Law Offices can help you with your case, but it is paramount that you act quickly in the wake of a devastating drunk motorcyclist accident. Our attorneys have the ability to take on dram shop cases, both first party and third party, and know best how to pursue each of them. Our Law Offices has investigators at their disposal who are skilled at probing the circumstances surrounding a motorcycle accident. Our lawyers and other staff will take depositions, locate and interview witnesses and gather exhibits supporting any case that alleges negligence on the part of a bar, tavern, nightclub or restaurant that serves alcohol. We will help you determine the appropriate level of liability that the bar should assume and will begin to pursue an appropriate level of damage compensation on their part.

Our Law Offices offers consultation at no cost, so there is nothing to lose. Contact our experienced lawyers today to discuss your case. Our savvy personal injury attorneys will be able to advise you on the next step and set you well on your way to just compensation for your or a loved one’s damages.


Texas Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

Texas Motorcycle Accidents Resulting from Drunk Driving
The laws that govern who is responsible in a drunk driving accident are similar in the case of a motorcycle accident to a car accident. Bars and restaurants that serve alcohol have a responsibility to ensure that they do not over-serve their customers to the point that they are a hazard to themselves or others. Under Texas dram shop law, bars or restaurants that serve their patrons alcohol in amounts that cause them to surpass the .08 blood alcohol content level may be held responsible for the damage caused by the inebriated patron, either to others or to themselves. If a patron has been over-served alcohol to the point that it causes them to crash their motorcycle and injure themselves, a first party dram shop cause of action may be sought. If a drunk driver hits a motorcyclist in a crash due to being over-served alcohol, then a third party dram shop cause of action may be sought. Both of these instances have in common the fact that the restaurant or bar that over-served the patron that caused the accident may be held financially responsible for injuries that resulted from the accident. The difference is that in a third party dram shop cause of action, the injured party may seek financial restitution from both the inebriated patron that caused the accident and the establishment that negligently served that patron too much alcohol. The same dram shop laws apply in Texas wrongful death cases. These cases may be quite complex, and require the deft handling of an experienced Texas motorcycle accident law firm. The Texas motorcycle accident attorneys of our Law Offices have two decades of experience pursuing Texas drunk driving accident cases. Our knowledge of Texas dram shop law can be of great assistance to your Texas motorcycle accident case if drunk driving was a factor. We will conduct a thorough investigation and make sure that all negligent parties are held accountable.

Defects in Motorcycles and Product Liability
Sometimes, Texas motorcycle accidents may occur as a result of a defect in the motorcycle itself, either in the production of the motorcycle or in its routine maintenance and upkeep. Even when a motorcycle is in excellent shape, it requires a great amount of attention from the rider to keep it upright. In the middle of a motorcycle accident caused by a sudden product failure, it can be more difficult for the motorcycle rider to slowly move it to the side of the road, thus increasing the likelihood of injuries.

If a motorcycle has been poorly designed or maintained, a motorcycle product liability lawsuit may be pursued. The manufacturer of a motorcycle may be liable for essential parts of the motorcycle that fail under duress during normal use of the motorcycle. Many parts of a motorcycle may fail if they are improperly manufactured. Some examples of these kinds of malfunctions include failed engine bearings, chains that break too easily, and improperly biased brake proportioning valves. If such a malfunction causes the injury or death of a motorcyclist, they or their families may pursue a Texas product liability claim. There may be many liable parties responsible for a Texas motorcycle accident in certain circumstances. When a singular, important component of a motorcycle fails, both the manufacturer of the motorcycle and the producer of the component may share partial responsibility for the Texas motorcycle accident that resulted, depending on the specific circumstances of the case.

A great deal of evidence is necessary to pursue a product liability case in the event of a motorcycle malfunction. If a motorcycle component does fail, it is necessary to prove that the failure was the result of negligence on the part of the manufacturer in order to successfully pursue a Texas motorcycle product liability case. A competent engineer must look at the components to give a detailed expert opinion on the cause of the failure. The defective products themselves, as well as the motorcycle, must be carefully preserved in order to allow them to serve as evidence.

Failed product liability cases often occur when the plaintiff does not sufficiently safeguard the evidence necessary to prove their case. Attempting to represent oneself is generally a bad move, because the legal matters involved may be too complicated for a layperson to sufficiently present their case. These cases require the representation of an experienced Texas motorcycle accident attorney in order to be successful.

If a motorcycle accident is the result of a product defect, it is not only the injured motorcyclist who stands to benefit from a successful Texas motorcycle accident case. When companies are made to pay the damages they owe to the victims of such accidents, it provides a powerful financial incentive to chance the practices that led to the accident in the first place. This helps to prevent other motorcyclists in the future from suffering a similar accident.

Misrepresentation of Condition and Other Issues Related to Motorcycle Maintenance
Severe injuries may occur if a competent service establishment performs substandard maintenance on a motorcycle. Properly functioning mechanical components on a motorcycle are crucial, because a faulty component may cause a deadly accident. When motorcycle technicians are inexperienced or do not know what they are doing, they may make a mistake on a vital component of the motorcycle. In these cases, the repair shop may be liable for the accident that occurred.

There are also some instances where the condition of a motorcycle may be intentionally misrepresented. We had an instance where we were contacted by someone who visited a licensed dealership to buy a sport bike. He noticed that the motorcycle was performing poorly, and took it to a motorcycle repair shop to have them take a look at it. The motorcycle repair shop uncovered numerous problems with the sport bike, including a cracked triple tree under the new fairings, a haphazardly attached radiator, and a frame that was damaged and had been covered up with spray paint and body filler. It was clear to the motorcycle repair shop that the bike had been in a prior accident, and the dealership in question attempted to conceal this fact from the buyer. Damages of this sort could easily have resulted in death. Additionally, the deception itself qualifies as a breach of the Deceptive Trade Practices Act. From a legal perspective, if the rider of this motorcycle had been in an accident as a result of the numerous problems covered up by the dealership, then the dealership would be liable for the accident.

Motorcycle Bias from Jurors and Adjusters in Texas Motorcycle Accident Claims
As traumatic as a motorcycle accident can be, it is often made worse by bias against motorcyclists. Motorcyclists have a long history of being portrayed as lawless renegades, and the defense attorneys and insurance adjusters involved in a Texas motorcycle accident case will likely try to use this image to their advantage by attempting to convince the jury that the motorcyclist was to blame for the motorcycle accident. If the jury can be convinced of this, then the insurance adjustor stands to save their company money.

To the insurance adjuster, the very real need for the motorcyclist to attain economic reimbursement for the damage caused in a Texas motorcycle accident will be no reason not to attempt to deny the claim. This is one of the reasons that obtaining the assistance of a Texas motorcycle accident law firm is crucial in these cases. Motorcycle accidents can be costly, from dealing with medical bills and property damage to loss of wages, and in such a situation it is important to ensure that you are adequately represented by an experienced Texas motorcycle accident attorney. The Texas motorcycle accident attorneys of our Law Offices have twenty years of experience to use in building a strong case in your favor and against this bias. We can help you in the complex process involved in seeking the financial restitution you deserve.

The Texas motorcycle accident attorneys of Our Law Offices understand that numerous motorcyclists are safe drivers who enjoy the experience of riding motorcycles or participating in rallies. Texas has thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts who realize the benefits of motorcycles as a cost-efficient means of transportation and ride safely to ensure the protection of their passengers, themselves, and other drivers. Even so, it can still be difficult to convince a jury that a motorcyclist was not to blame for their accident, regardless of their spotless driving record. In a Texas motorcycle accident, it is imperative for evidence to be collected as soon as possible. This is why it is important to make sure you have an experienced Texas motorcycle accident law firm on your side if you have suffered from an accident involving a motorcycle. Evidence must be collected properly in order to be admissible in court. Eyewitness and expert testimony must be obtained when necessary to prove negligence of the party that caused the accident. All of the negligent parties must be identified correctly through a thorough investigation. When you hire the Texas motorcycle accident lawyers of our Law Offices, we begin the investigation immediately to make sure all of the liable entities are identified and held accountable for the accident. The scene of an accident can change quickly, so an investigation must be performed as soon as possible to collect sufficient evidence to help build your Texas motorcycle accident case. The evidence collected will help to overcome the biases you may be faced with over the course of the case.

Forceful Insurance Adjusters in Texas Motorcycle Accident Cases
Insurance companies may be poised to lose a great deal of money in a Texas motorcycle accident case. Insurance adjusters are therefore trained to avoid losing money for their company at all costs. A few insurance companies even give their insurance adjusters bonuses depending on the amount of money they are able to save from such a case. Adjusters have several strategies they use in their attempt to deny or decrease your claim.

One way to get a claim dismissed is to focus the blame involved in the accident on the motorcycle accident victim. If many different entities are believed to share in the blame for the accident, the insurance company has less money to pay out. Some insurance adjusters use more forceful tactics, such as overwhelming the victim with questions designed to poke holes in the victim’s case. If you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident and make a misstep in recounting the details clearly, an insurance adjuster may attempt to use this against you in court as a sign that you do not remember the accident in sufficient detail to warrant blaming their company for the Texas motorcycle accident. Insurance companies will often do their own investigation of the accident and accident scene, and without an experienced Texas motorcycle accident law firm to conduct an investigation on your behalf, it can be even harder to prove that the accident was the fault of the company in question.

Another tactic often used by insurance adjusters is that of offering the victim or victim’s family far less money than they know the case is likely to actually be worth, in an attempt to make the victim sign away their rights to further pursue the case. The settlement offered is usually enough to be tempting to a victim struggling in the wake of a painful and expensive accident, but cases like these are usually worth much more than the insurance company initially offers. If you have been the victim of a Texas motorcycle accident, it is of great importance not to sign anything immediately. It is likewise important to avoid talking to the insurance adjusters, if possible, until you have hired an experienced Texas motorcycle accident attorney. With proper legal representation, you stand a greater chance to receive a fair compensation for the amount that your claim is actually worth.

How to Tell if a Texas Motorcycle Accident Law Firm Can Benefit Your Case
If you have experienced severe injuries due to a motorcycle accident in Texas, you should consider contacting the experienced Texas motorcycle accident lawyers of our Law Offices to represent you. The following is a list of several reasons detailing how the representation of an experienced Texas motorcycle accident attorney can help your case:

We have twenty years of experience investigating car and other automobile crashes, accidents involving 18-wheelers, and motorcycle accidents. Our understanding of vehicle law in Texas is thorough, and we can use our knowledge to benefit your case.
We can offer our assistance in attaining financial reimbursement for the medical bills associated with your accident. Dealing with the financial aftermath of a Texas motorcycle accident is difficult. The numerous hospital visits and treatments may add up quickly, even if the accident was comparatively minor.
We stand behind our experience as a Texas wrongful death law firm. We have successfully pursued hundreds of wrongful death cases, allowing the families of the victim to attain justice and economic restitution for the death of their loved ones.
We have a great deal of experience in handling Texas drunk driving accident cases. The Texas motorcycle accident lawyers of our Law Offices have a thorough knowledge of Texas dram shop law. Pursuing claims against bars and restaurants for over-serving their patrons can be difficult for less experienced lawyers. With twenty years of experience, our Texas motorcycle accident law firm is able and willing to hold those responsible accountable for the accident.
We appreciate the technical nuances of Texas motorcycle accident cases often necessary to pursue a product liability claim for a faulty component. We will contact experts to testify if your case requires it.
We sympathize with the bias faced by motorcyclists. When the evidence shows that a manufacturer or other entity is at fault for a Texas motorcycle accident, we will present the evidence to the jury to demonstrate the true circumstances that caused the accident and hold the liable parties accountable.
Our reputation precedes us in the insurance world. We have gone up against almost every major insurance company in the country. Many will offer our clients a fair settlement when they see that we are representing the case. If they refuse to offer a fair settlement, when the case is over, they frequently wish that they had.

Did You Know?
Our Motorcycle Accident attorneys have won thousands of cases. Call us today to discuss your case.

We can provide you with valuable assistance in avoiding the circumstance of having an insurance company take advantage of you. When you hire the Texas motorcycle accident lawyers of our Law Offices, we become the point of contact with the insurance company, thus preventing them from attempting to get you to sign away your rights or presenting you with a low-ball offer.

The Texas motorcycle accident attorneys of our Law Offices have the experience and well-deserved reputation necessary to assist you in pursuing the financial restitution you deserve following a Texas motorcycle accident. If you would like to learn more, or just have some questions, give us a call toll-free to receive a free consultation.


Texas Motorcycle Drunk Driving Lawyer Discusses a Motorcyclist’s Rights Following a Bike Crash

With almost a half million motorcyclists on streets, highways, and by-ways in the great state of Texas, it is no wonder the opportunities for collisions are always present. The opportunity for accidents to happen are many.

From driver distraction while adjusting the radio or the CD player to a rear view mirror glance at an infant in the back seat who is crying for attention to sleep deprived drivers to those drivers who are driving drunk, the opportunities are many for an accident to happen. If you have had the misfortune of being involved in a motorcycle vs. passenger vehicle drunk driving accident and the good fortune to have survived, chances are that you probably don’t know your legal rights. If you have had the misfortune to have lost a loved one in a motorcycle vs. passenger drunk driving vehicle fatality, chances are that you probably don’t know the legal rights available to you for seeking justice.

Drunken Driving Motorcycle Accidents in TX
Much like the drunk drivers of passenger vehicles who drank until drunk at a local tavern and several minutes later colliding and causing serious personal injury or a fatal accident, motorcyclists who are served additional alcohol after being noticeably drunk also have the right to bring similar charges of negligence. Texas Dram Shop Law states that a restaurant, bar, that serves alcohol to anyone to exceed a .08 blood alcohol content or concentration level that ends with causing harm to themselves or to another can be legally be held responsible for financial recoverable damages. This Texas Dram Shop Law also extends to any liquor store that knowingly sells to anyone that is noticeably inebriated and under the age or twenty-one (21) and who ends with causing harm to themselves or to another.

The Dram Shop Law is an attempt to make everyone responsible and to be on the alert for individuals who may have had too much to drink. Known as a ‘first party dram shop cause of action’, should the drunk motorcyclist loose control of his bike and cause injury to him or herself, the establishment that last served that individual alcohol prior to the collision can be held responsible for over-serving a patron. Known as a ‘third party dram shop cause of action’, should a drunk driver of a passenger vehicle strike a motorcyclist just after being over-served and leaving an establishment, the injured motorcyclist can legally sue both the drunk passenger vehicle driver and the establishment that over-served the patron. However, time is of the essence for proving an individual was over-served alcohol prior to an accident or fatality. Experienced attorneys such as our attorneys with over twenty (20) years of litigating drunken driving accident cases thoroughly understand the ins and outs of Texas Dram Shop Law. Our Texas motorcycle drunk driving lawyers can help bring those culpable to accountability.

Motorcycle Accidents vs. Car Wrecks
The very fact that a motorcycle is so open and vulnerable to on-coming traffic is certainly one of the concerns when one thinks of a motorcycle collision with a vehicle. By virtue of the motorcycle’s design and the fact that the driver on a motorcycle is without the protection implies that accidents between a car and motorcycle would be considerably more serious if not fatal. In 2018, Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) reported that of all the motorcycle accidents, two-thirds resulted in serious injury or death to the motorcyclists. This same Department of Transportation for Texas also reported that sixteen percent of the four hundred fourteen (418) motorcycle accidents resulted in fatalities while 6,913 motorcyclists or passengers had injuries.

On the other hand, a passenger vehicle, by its very construction, provides much greater protection and shock absorption than is provided the driver and/or passenger on a motorcycle. No matter the design of the motorcycle, or what well-known company designed the bike, the lack of an outer frame is characteristic of all motorcycles. Even with the obvious differences in these two types of vehicles, there are still those people that don’t understand that because of this major difference, there is a difference in the way collisions of this kind are legally handled. Typically drivers involved in passenger-to-passenger vehicle accidents can usually handle the business of exchanging driver’s license information and insurance carriers without an attorney, but rare is it that a motorcyclist involved in an accident does not need the consultation and representation of a competent motorcycle accident attorney. In all probability, considering the structure of the average motorcycle compared to a passenger vehicle, the amount of property damage to the motorcycle and personal injury to the cyclists is severe to say the least. Physical recovery to include facial and body reconstruction will be ongoing and extensive and defense attorneys can see the compensatory recovery-writing on the wall.

Texas Motorcycle Accident attorney
Without an attorney, claimants who are inexperienced and not very knowledgeable of the full value of compensatory recovery may be convinced by the defense attorney to accept a much less amount than warranted. The reputation of the attorneys of our Law Offices precede them in being competent at knowing this area of law and their hundreds and hundreds of courtroom successes at motorcycle vs. passenger drunk driving vehicle accidents.

When Do I Need a Texas Motorcycle Accident Attorney?
If you or someone you love have been involved in a drunken driving motorcycle accident and suffered an injury or if there has been a fatality, you should seek legal consultation and engage the services of a competent attorney without delay. Although there are many attorneys in the state of Texas that you could select, few have the credentials that motorcycle accident lawyer, does. Our attorneys are experienced and successful courtroom litigators whose record speaks for itself. There are certain indicators as to when a motorcycle-related drunk driving accident attorney should be consulted and below are just a few of those reasons why you should call and choose our attorneys:

Our Law Offices are very familiar with vehicle accident laws involving all types of vehicular accidents in Texas.
Even though the motorcycle property damage could be relatively mild, the medical injuries could be severe. Such injuries might involve extensive surgeries, therapy or rehabilitation.
Our Law Offices have a reputation for being a successful team of attorneys that get the job done. Along with their skilled team of investigators, they will leave no stone unturned until all information needed to prove their clients’ case is ascertained.
This Texas law firm has won hundreds and hundreds of drunken driving accident cases involving motorcycle accidents. They understand and know of the technicalities involved in motorcycle accidents, including the complexities of charging others who might share in the responsibility of contributing to the collision. Our Law Offices have a relationship with many experts in various fields of law that they regularly call on if needed to emphasize or prove a point.
Our Law Offices have often experienced and are well aware of the prejudice or bias that many pedestrians and drivers alike have against motorcycles and motorcyclist. Our firm will work diligently to explain and dissipate these preconceived ideas that are against motorcycles and motorcyclists so that the responsible individuals can be made accountable.
Our firm is quite familiar with insurance agents and the underhanded tactics they sometimes use. We know that some insurance agents can be very aggressive and as your legal representative, they are much more equipped to handle these aggressive types of interaction.
Our Law Offices will act as ‘go between’ to prevent a claimant from being taken unfair advantage of by aggressive insurance companies looking to quickly talk the injured party into signing away their legal rights to a more lucrative financial recovery.
With so much riding on a fifty-fifty chance of flipping through the Yellow Pages and choosing just any attorney, check out the credentials and the outstanding courtroom record of ‘wins’ attributed to our law firm and the choice will be made for you. For confirmation of your legal rights involving injuries you or a loved one have received in a drunken driving motorcycle accident, call our office. The telephone call is free and the initial legal consultation is also free. Call today and you will not regret making the call.

Texas Motorcycle Road Burn or Road Rash Injury Accidents
Motorcycles accidents can range from minor cuts, bruises, and scratches to more serious injuries such as spinal cord injuries or traumatic cranial damage. Though road rash or road burn is a common but minor motorcycle injury, in some cases, this type of injury can evolve to where skin grafts are required. Often, these type wounds are the most severe suffered in a motorcycle-related accident.

Road rash or road burns are serious scrapes or bruises that happen when a biker is either thrown from the bike and the biker’s body comes in contact with the ground in a sliding along the ground motion. A biker can also suffer road rash or road burns when the bike goes down along with the bike’s driver and both bike and biker are dragged along the pavement or through rocks, tree branches, or the like. The severity of the scrapes, scratches, and bruises really depend on the intensity of the crash impact and the amount of ground the accident victim encounters. These wounds are incredibly painful and if road rash or road burn is not treated within the proper amount of time, the injury can worsen and can lead to serious infections and terrible scarring that calls for reconstructive surgery.

Serious drunk driving motorcycle accident injuries include broken bones and bone fractures. Due to the unenclosed nature and design of a motorcycle, riders and passengers are often ejected from a motorcycle and thrown onto the ground. The brute force of such a collision with the ground often results in broken arms, broken legs, or fractured bones. While such injuries require medical attention (and subsequent medical costs), a motorcycle accident victim with a broken bone may also suffer financial loss due to the loss of mobility that may severely affect their ability to work. Through a Texas personal injury lawsuit, such an injured motorcyclist can seek compensation for their lost wages.

As is the case with every personal injury lawsuit, it’s important that a victim seeks out medical attention as soon as possible and preferably immediately from the scene of the accident to the nearest hospital emergency room facilities so that their possible case may not suffer from a failure to mitigate damages. If a motorcycle accident victim fails to seek medical help for road rash or road burn and sometimes later the rash or burn develops into a life-threatening infection, the party or parties responsible for the motorcycle accident cannot be held accountable for such an infection.

Severe motorcycle injuries include disfigurement, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain or cranial injury. Any one of these injuries can result in life-long medical conditions possibly requiring round-the-clock medical care. Scars on the face, hands, legs, neck, or back can leave lasting reminders of a harrowing ordeal and the loss of limbs, such as an arm amputation or leg amputation, can severely diminish a person’s quality of life. Anyone or all of these issues can cause a victim to suffer extreme emotional duress. A personal injury lawsuit in Texas can seek compensation based on these issues so that such an injured person can work toward coping and healing mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Depending on the severity of the injuries sustained in a motorcycle wreck, a victim may require medical attention for a day, a month, for years, or for life. Such attention is accompanied by medical bills that can run from the thousands to the millions of dollars. Consequently, any insurance policy that may have to pay out an exorbitant sum to even a rightfully deserving, injured victim will be heavily defended. Without the help of a knowledgeable motorcycle injury accident attorney on your side that can be just as aggressive in protecting your rights, you may settle for much less than what your case is likely worth.

If you have suffered injury due to involvement in a drunken driving automobile accident or a drunken driving motorcycle accident, contact the experienced Texas drunk driving accident attorneys at our Law Offices. Whether you know or suspect that the drunk driver was within a short time of patronizing a tavern or bar or restaurant licensed to serve alcohol prior to the accident, you really should make the call without delay. Skilled investigative work is what our Texas motorcycle drunk driving lawyers are competent at to prove a connection between a drunk driving accident and the negligent behavior of a bar or restaurant or liquor store. With twenty (20) years of experience and courtroom ‘wins’ in this particular area of Texas law, the lawyers at our Law Offices are standing by ready and waiting to come to your aid in the compensatory recovery you so aptly deserve. Call our Law Offices today for a free consultation.


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