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Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, the decisions you make now will affect your life for many years to come. Aside from taking steps to avoid future problems with law enforcement, the best move you can make is to get prompt legal counsel from an attorney who knows the law and the court system extremely well.

Informed, Practical Legal Guidance Based On Decades Of Experience

You can talk openly to to our criminal defense lawyers with confidence that we will be sensitive to your personal concerns and priorities. We will help you understand all potential consequences of a conviction and your full range of legal options. The 35-plus years of experience in prosecution and then as a dedicated defense lawyers since 1995, will be an invaluable asset for you.

Proven Representation For People Facing Misdemeanor And Felony Charges

Whether you are accused of driving while intoxicated (DWI), possession of marijuana or another drug offense, domestic violence or any other misdemeanor or felony crime, my mission will be to develop the best possible strategy for your defense. If your case goes to trial, you will have a proven, respected litigator on your side every step of the way. If negotiation for a manageable outcome is the best path, we will pursue it with skill and determination.

I know how intimidating and stressful serious legal problems are for my clients, who range from college students and wage earners to licensed professionals and other prominent citizens. You may be worried about a jail sentence, your driver’s license, your job status and family relationships. The sooner you sit down with a criminal defense attorney prepared to attack your case, the sooner you may regain some peace of mind.

Contact Me Now For Counsel You Can Trust

The criminal justice system is complex, and we want our clients to be educated on its workings and pitfalls. You can find basic answers to many of your most important questions by exploring the many topics on the internet. However, it is important to realize that every criminal case is unique. For a free initial consultation, please call our office today.


About The Firm

There are many factors to consider when you need an attorney’s advice and representation to deal with a criminal matter. Your lawyer’s relevant experience and reputation in the specific court where your case will be heard are extremely important. So is the level of trust you feel that he or she will genuinely focus on your case and put your interests first.

Prompt, Personal Attention · Dedicated Misdemeanor And Felony Defense

When you contact our firm, you will speak and work directly with an attorney. Whatever the charge against you and the exact circumstances of your case, you can count on being treated with respect and compassion. We will be on your side with clear, balanced counsel through every step in the process — and by your side in any court appearance or administrative hearing.

Put Our 35 Years Of Experience In The Courts To Work For You

If you have been charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) at any level of seriousness, a drug offense, assault or any other crime — or if you want the best possible defense for a family member — we will prioritize your case. We emphasize thorough investigation and evaluation of all viable strategies for negotiation or trial, as well as taking the time to get to know each client and develop the best possible picture of his or her life for the court to consider.

Contact Us Now To Request Your Free Initial Consultation

We welcome client inquiries and attorney referrals. To talk through your needs and begin exploring legal options, call our office today.


DWI Defense Lawyer

Throughout more than three decades in criminal law practice, we have been reminded frequently that essentially anyone who drinks and drives at all risks arrest on suspicion of driving while intoxicated (DWI). Applying invaluable experience as a longtime former prosecutors, we have defended students and teachers, laborers, doctors, and others of all ages and occupations who were facing drunk driving allegations and the serious consequences they bring.

Severe, Far-Reaching DWI Consequences Mean That You Need Proven Representation

Under today’s extremely strict DWI laws, it is more important than ever to have a trial-proven lawyer who is highly regarded in our area courts on your side. Please consider that:

Although a basic first-offense DWI conviction does not typically carry a jail sentence, it is critical to realize how severely it may impact other aspects of your life. Criminal background checks are now routine for employers, colleges and community organizations. A lengthy driver’s license suspension, increased auto insurance rates and other costs may also be devastating for you.

If you have one or more prior DWI convictions, injured someone in an accident, had children in your car, or certain other aggravating factors apply, there is no time to lose in contacting qualified legal counsel. Our knowledge and capabilities cover the full spectrum of DWI charges, including drug-related DWI, underage DWI, felony DWI, negligent homicide and defense of out-of-state drivers.

To Speak With A Formidable Trial Attorney And Skilled Negotiator, Call Our Office

You can depend on our attorneys to focus intently on your case and your most important concerns. If our analysis reveals a problem with your traffic stop or evidence against you, we are well-equipped to take your case through trial. If the prosecution’s case is very strong, you may choose to have us negotiate skillfully for an outcome you can manage and overcome. Most importantly, you will have all the information you need to make sound decisions about your defense.

Whether you tested above the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) or refused DWI testing, we am here to help in every way we can. We handle administrative hearings involving driver’s license suspensions as well as all other aspects of our clients’ defense. To schedule a free initial consultation, please call our office for a consultation.


Drug Charge Defense Lawyer

Unlike many states across the nation, simple possession of marijuana is still a crime here in Texas. By the letter of the law, penalties for having an ounce of pot or less can include jail time and thousands in fines. Penalties for intent to sell marijuana and charges involving heroin, cocaine, many prescription drugs and other controlled substances are far more serious than that.

It is critical to understand that any drug conviction on a person’s criminal record can be a major barrier impacting employment, education and other opportunities. Avoiding conviction should be the top priority for any first-time drug offender and for any concerned parent with a child in this situation. We are a firm of defense lawyers that offer the honest, comprehensive legal counsel that people coping with misdemeanor and felony drug charges need.

Experienced, Trial-Proven Representation · Genuine Concern For Your Future

We have been practicing law in courts for more than 35 years. Our early career experience as prosecutors gave us perspective and insights that remain invaluable in our criminal defense work today. In approaching drug cases, we emphasize:
Informing clients of collateral consequences of a drug conviction they might not otherwise consider, including ineligibility for federal student loans
Investigating cases thoroughly and exploring all strategies for earning a dismissal or acquittal, including establishing that an illegal search and seizure occurred
Presenting legal options based on strong familiarity with the circuit court or superior court where the case will be heard, including the approaches of its prosecutors and judges
Striving to earn the best possible outcome given the client’s individual circumstances — often involving substance abuse evaluation and treatment, community service or other alternatives to prosecution

Call Our Office Today For The Counsel You Need

If you are looking for a drug crime defense attorney, we encourage you to contact us for a free initial consultation. We will speak with you directly and offer the basic guidance you need to make a sound decision about your defense representation.


Attorney For Domestic Violence Defense

If the police are called to an alleged scene of domestic violence, and discover probable cause that a crime has been committed, they are required to make an arrest. That crime may or may not involve any actual assault, spousal abuse or physical violence. Making threats, violating a no-contact order and a range of other offenses against a spouse, relative or intimate partner may bring domestic violence charges as well.
Domestic violence is a very serious issue, and lawmakers have focused substantial attention on it in recent years. Under current laws, it is absolutely critical to understand the specific charges against you and all consequences of conviction. Our firm is a long-standing criminal defense firm that will personally focus on your case and provide clear, informed legal guidance.

Clear, Knowledgeable Counsel And Aggressive Advocacy For The Accused

Too often, people accused of misdemeanor domestic violence plead guilty and accept consequences that seem manageable — only to learn later that their jobs, immigration status or other critical aspects of their lives were on the line as well. Your need for effective legal representation is even clearer if you are facing a felony domestic violence charge. If we represent you, we will focus on:
Working quickly and effectively to secure the most favorable bail conditions possible in your case — a vital step that may determine whether you can go home while the case is pending, among many other issues.
Helping you consider the total potential impact of a conviction on your life today and in the future, including how it could impact a divorce and access to your children
Thoroughly evaluating police reports, witness statements and all other evidence in your case to discover strategies for your defense at trial or negotiations with the prosecutor

Every Decision Matters · Do Not Wait To Contact An Attorney You Can Trust

Our relevant experience in courts throughout our area covers a vast range of specific criminal charges, from assault to criminal mischief, interference with personal freedom and many more. We will take the time to get to know you, enabling us to fully understand your needs and portray you in the best possible light. For a free initial consultation, call our office today.


Felony Charges
Every criminal matter must be taken seriously. However, the stakes are dramatically higher for people facing felony charges as opposed to misdemeanor charges. Whatever the specific offense, a felony conviction will change your life forever — in ways that may go far beyond jail time, a fine and other direct penalties. It is critical to consider all potential consequences as you choose legal counsel and decide on the best approach to your case.

You Need Clear, Practical Counsel From A Proven Felony Defense Lawyer

If you are facing felony charges, you can turn to our firm for prompt, focused attention to your case. We have been practicing actively in the superior courts serving these communities for more than 35 years. First as a prosecutors and since 1995 as criminal defense lawyers. We have built a widespread professional reputation for honesty, integrity and effectiveness.

Decades Of Diverse Case Experience

Aside from murder, we have tried virtually every type of criminal case. This experience equips us well to prepare your defense against charges that are punishable by lengthy prison sentences and other devastating penalties. These include:
Felony DWI charges arising from auto accidents that cause bodily injury, as well as DWI-negligent homicide and leaving the scene
Felony drug charges such as intent to sell marijuana or possession of other controlled substances such as heroin, cocaine or prescription painkillers
Assault and other violent felony charges, including those classified as domestic violence offenses
Sexual assault and other sex offenses, including computer-based crimes such as solicitation of a minor via the Internet

In this pivotal time, there is no substitute for guidance from a lawyer who knows relevant case law, motion practice, and effective defense and negotiating strategies. Our work together can start with a free initial consultation. Simply call our office today.


Criminal Defense Attorney

It is stressful any time you have problems that require the services of a lawyer, and having to choose a lawyer adds another layer of stress. You want to be sure that your lawyer has the skill to negotiate with other lawyers and aggressively represent you in court.

Our firm delivers superior criminal defense and family law representation. Our years of experience help us to be a tenacious advocate while still maintaining good relationships throughout the legal community. With our ability to strategize, we make sure our clients’ voices are heard.

Using More Than 25 Years Of Experience To Help You Get Your Life Back On Track

When you need a criminal defense lawyer, you want someone who will aggressively defend your rights in a nonjudgmental and trustworthy manner. Our firm represents clients in all criminal law matters, including misdemeanors and felonies in both state and federal court. We also represent clients in all family law matters.

Being represented by our firm means that you get:
Seasoned legal judgment – With more than 25 years of experience, we are a well-respected mainstay in the community. When advising clients, we draw on our extensive experience to strategize creative solutions.
Client-centered focus – We take the time to listen to you and offer candid advice. We understand how important your case is to you, so we strive to make sure your voice is heard.
Tenacious advocacy – Our goal is to fight to protect your freedom while maintaining the highest integrity.

For Quality Legal Representation, Contact our office to set up an appointment. We offer free initial telephone consultations.



Drug Charge Defense Attorney

Convictions for drug-related crimes carry harsh penalties, including lengthy prison sentences. Being accused of a drug crime does not automatically make you a bad person. Good people make bad decisions. The accusations may not even be true.
No matter what your situation is, you deserve quality representation from a seasoned attorney. With more than 25 years of experience, our firm has strategic negotiators and trial veterans. Our experience in the courtroom and at the negotiating table allows us to obtain the best possible results for our clients.

Skilled Representation When You Have Been Charged With A Drug Crime

Our experience is your advantage when you are accused of a drug crime. We are keenly familiar with the criminal justice system and use this knowledge to help you avoid as many of the potentially life-altering consequences of drug convictions as possible. Besides prison time, if convicted of a felony, you are not allowed to own firearms or hold certain jobs.
We handle all types of drug charges in both federal and state court, including:
Drug possession
Drug trafficking/distribution
Drug conspiracy
Drug offenses involving firearms

When you are represented by our firm in any criminal case, we take the time to go through all your options, from plea deals to trial options. With our pragmatic assessment of your case, you will know your various chances of success. Our straightforward approach assures that you understand your case and can prepare for any consequences.

For an experienced drug charges lawyer, call our office. We offer a free initial phone consultation.


Felony Theft Attorney

When you are accused of felony theft, you may be confused as to why the charge is a felony instead of a misdemeanor or why the charge has been brought at all. Even if you are not confused about either of those things, you still deserve the services of a skilled lawyer who will be your aggressive advocate in and out of the courtroom.

Our firm has highly skilled felony theft lawyers. With more than 25 years of experience, we have the skill necessary to defend the most complex of felony theft cases, including charges of embezzlement and wire fraud. When you are represented by us, you get tenacious advocacy with a client-centered focus.

Delivering Superior Defense When You Are Accused Of Felony Theft

We have experience handling all felony theft charges in state and federal court, including:
Wire fraud
Grand theft

Felony theft convictions have hefty penalties that usually include prison sentences and fines. These penalties become more severe if you have prior convictions. In addition, felony theft and other felony convictions have longer-term consequences, such as banning you from being able to own a firearm and keeping you from being able to hold certain jobs.

With our seasoned criminal defense judgment and negotiation skills, there may be a variety of options available to you other than the bevy of consequences that come with a conviction. We perform a thorough investigation of your case and then provide you with candid advice regarding various legal strategies we could employ. Our client-centered focus means that you will be informed of your progress at every step of the process.

Contact Us For Aggressive Advocacy

If you need an attorney to defend you against a felony theft charge, call our office for a free phone consultation.


Domestic Violence And Assault

Being convicted of domestic violence can have serious negative impacts on your life. In addition to penalties such as time in jail and fines, you may lose your family and be banned from being able to own a firearm. These are severe consequences that may be avoided with the help of an experienced domestic violence lawyer.

For more than 25 years, our firm has represented people accused of domestic violence including domestic assault, stalking and violations of bail. Our familiarity with the courtroom makes us a formidable opponent at trial and our ability to maintain good relationships throughout the local criminal justice system gives us an advantage at the negotiating table.

Defending Your Freedom When You Are Accused Of A Crime

With our years of experience, we know how to strategize defenses of domestic violence charges. We gather all relevant facts of your case by reviewing law enforcement reports and performing our own investigation. Depending on the details of your case, we may be able to argue that:
There was no probable cause to search or arrest you
You were not properly given your Miranda rights before you made statements to law enforcement.
Evidence was not properly obtained by law enforcement and prosecutors

Along with our strategic skills, when you are represented by our firm in any criminal matter, you get client-centered focus. You will never feel like a number on a file. We make sure your voice is heard and your rights are protected.

Contact Us For Seasoned Representation

If you have been charged with domestic violence, you need immediate representation to avoid serious repercussions that can come with just a domestic violence arrest. Call our office for a free phone consultation.



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