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Initial Steps Attorneys Take After a Dog Bite

Personal injury attorneys handle dog bite claims for victims of vicious dog attacks. Dog bite cases can be complicated and many factors are involved. For instance, knowledge of local and state laws, owner negligence, and the past behavior of the dog involved in a dog bite incidence are all factors that must be taken into consideration. An experienced personal injury lawyer can investigate and evaluate dog bite cases for their clients. However, there are certain things the victim should do to improve their chances of winning a dog bite claim.

Expert Observation and Evaluation
First of all, the victim will need to have a professional dog expert observe how the dog is acting after the incident. Your personal injury lawyer will know how to get an expert opinion that will stand up in court. In fact, in the interest of both the dog bite victim and the dog owner, expert testimony is crucial for any dog bite incident that ends up going to court. A dog bite attorney should also get permission from the dog’s owner to videotape the dog as it is being evaluated by the expert witness.

Interviewing Neighbors
When you hire a dog bite attorney to handle a bite case they will do their own investigation into the incident. Lawyers will interview the neighbors and any witnesses that were on the scene during the dog bite incidence. Neighbors can be called upon to testify about the dog’s normal daily behavior. If the dog is normally aggressive this can be brought out in court. Neighbors can also be called upon to testify about previous incidents as well.

Interviewing the Veterinarian
Another witness the personal injury lawyer can interview is the dog’s veterinarian. The dog’s medical records will be examined to see if the dog had previous behavior problems, such as giving its veterinarian problems when the dog was taken in for vaccinations and such.

Questioning Animal Control
Animal control will be contacted to see if they have ever been called out for other incidents involving the dog in question. Animal control will have records of problems the dog may have caused in the neighborhood.

Incident Scene Investigation
The attorney will visit the dog bite incident scene to look for anything they can use to help aid their client’s case. For example, your personal injury attorney can look at the fence to see if there are bite marks on it. The ground along the fence can be looked at to see if the dog wore in a trail if it was accustomed to racing back and forth along the fence line, while barking and growling at other animals and people, etc. These can be obvious signs of aggression.

Investigating Owner Negligence
The negligence of the owner can be investigated. For instance, did the owner fence in the dog? Was a “Beware of Dog” signposted? These and other things can be investigated to determine owner negligence.






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