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Every day, across the nation, victims experience suffering at the hands of poor decisions and choices of third parties. Not only do they endure sheer physical pain due to their injuries, but they also must undergo issues that have much further reach than just the accident. Victims of personal injury accidents will feel emotional stress that can become apparent in many different ways ranging from anxiety to post-traumatic stress disorder. Often they may find themselves covered in mountainous financial debt due to numerous medical bills, loss of income, and payments for treatment. These can constantly pile up leaving the victim in a black hole if they are not given proper compensation, thus our Law Firm is fully devoted to ensuring that our clients receive the care and support they require as we work to obtain an outcome that they deserve. You can attain the chance to reclaim compensation for medical treatment, lost income, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment, and loss of consortium by filing a personal injury claim. Punitive damages are awarded in the event that a defendant’s behavior was especially gregarious or outrageously careless.

After an accident occurs, your first step should be to determine whether you were at fault. If you were only partially responsible for the accident that occurred, the damages you are entitled to should reflect his. Other good steps to partake in include writing down as much as possible about the accident, your injuries, and any losses you sustained as a result. You should also attempt to preserve evidence and identify anyone who can testify on your behalf, in addition to notifying anyone who you believe could have been responsible for the accident and letting them know of your intention to file a personal injury claim.

Our Law Firm is a seasoned personal injury firm with more than 65 years of combined legal experience. Our lawyers provide the necessary and personalized consideration to the requirements and objectives of each individual client in order to achieve the result they need. Due to our firm’s level of dedication and skill, we often result in additional value being generated for the case. If you require compensation for serious injuries sustained from an accident brought on by someone else’s negligent actions, speak with a personal injury lawyer from our Law firm in order to gain aggressive personal injury representation.

Our Law Firm’s personal injury attorneys are dedicated to defending the right of those injured. If you have been a victim of an accident, we are prepared to begin fighting for you. In our state, the courts recognize the right of accident victims to sue for injuries obtained by another party’s carelessness, and we will work extensively with you in order to collect the necessary evidence to prove your claim. Our goal is to help you recover adequate compensation for your injuries in addition to your medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. We will fight diligently in order to win your case. Call our office to schedule a free consultation.



Welcome to the Premier Insurance Claim Law Firm

A DIFFERENT KIND OF LAW FIRM….. Why hire our Law Firm, you ask? Because we care about our clients. Our client’s problem becomes our problem. We fight so that our client’s voices can be heard. We fight so that our client’s stories can be told. Walking with you, every step of the way. Fighting fearlessly until justice is done! Relentless in the pursuit of justice for our clients.

The insurance companies operate on a unique and fascinating business model. Their profitability overall is determined by how much money they can actually avoid paying out for insurance claims. They make their money by collecting premiums that are charged to their customers (the insured) and supposedly will pay any insurance claims in the future from that collection of premiums. The insurance companies pay legions of lawyers to avoid having to pay those claims! This helps to ensure the profitability of their CEOs and shareholders, and unfortunately, it is in the best interest of the insurance company to do everything in their power to avoid paying these claims! The CEO of one major insurance company earned in excess of 121 million dollars over the course of the last 5 years alone.
It is a sad truth that sometimes, you need an experienced insurance claim attorney to fight at your side to help win the fight against these types of tactics! The insurance claim lawyers at our Law firm will help protect your rights if you need help with your insurance claim.

There are different types of insurance claims that cover different types of damage that occur for any number of reasons. This illustrates some of those different types of insurance claims that our attorneys handle. Your insurance policy represents a contract in a sense, between you and your insurance company. It is important to understand your insurance policy first, and if you have questions or would like to review a possible insurance claim with one of our attorneys, you are welcome to speak with us for a no-obligation phone consultation about your insurance claim. Our insurance claim attorneys stand by 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about an insurance claim.

Strategies that the Insurance companies will use to avoid paying you or paying less on your claim:
It should be obvious by now that the insurance companies exist to profit by paying as little as possible in insurance claims. Their lawyers work hard to help keep money in the pockets of their shareholders. If you are struggling against an insurance company in your insurance claim, it might be helpful to be familiar with some of the strategies that they might employ while denying or delaying your claim! In some fire insurance claims, for example, the blackened and burned interior walls might be determined to not affect the actual integrity of the structure itself and should simply be cleaned instead of replaced. They fail to resolve the issue correctly and attempt to cut corners and save costs by not fully restoring the property. During this evaluation process, they might “nickel and dime” their way in evaluating the claim and use stall tactics in the hopes that the property owner will just give up and accept a lesser settlement.

The insurance claim attorneys at our Law Firm are knowledgeable about these tactics that the insurance company uses and will fight to protect the best interests of your insurance claims. If you feel you are dealing with an unfair adjuster or an insurance company that is employing bad faith methods when handling your insurance claims, you need to get an experienced insurance claims attorney on your side! You need to call our Law Firm to speak with one of our attorneys right away to discuss your insurance claim. Insurance claim attorneys are standing by 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about an insurance claim.

In any insurance claim, it might be helpful to know a few of the different types of insurance claims and cases that our insurance claim attorneys have helped with. In a legal sense, the insurance policy is a contract between the “insured”, and the insurance company. If you have questions about your insurance policy or would like to review a possible insurance claim you are welcome to speak with an insurance claim attorney at our Law Firm.

It is the insurance company’s obligation to pay valid insurance claims to their policyholders, property owners, or other beneficiaries of the policy. This includes Life insurance claims as well. The insurance company might “drag its feet” when paying out, attempt to deny payment, or refuse to be fair in the settlement by not providing proper reimbursement in the claim. In cases where liability is clear, for example, the insurance company might not come to a reasonable or fair settlement. Examples of this include offering less money to settle the case quickly, or they might even deny the claim while not providing an explanation as to why. The insurance company might just refuse to even enter negotiations at all, or simply fail to respond in a timely manner (which would mean that the person filing the claim might miss critical time limits and deadlines in the insurance claim).

If you feel that your insurance company is not dealing with your insurance claim in the proper manner, you need to call an experienced insurance lawyer at our Law Firm. We have experienced lawyers and attorneys who can help with your insurance claims questions 24 hours a day!

The following is a list of potential reasons that may give rise to a bad faith claim against your insurance company:
Failure to attempt to come to a fair and reasonable settlement when liability is clear
Offering substantially less money to settle than the true value of the insurance claim
Failure to promptly provide a reasonable explanation for denial of an insurance claim
Failure to enter into any negotiations for settlement of the insurance claim
Failure to respond to a time-limit demand in an insurance claim
Failure to disclose insurance policy limits
Unwarranted denial of coverage by an insurance company
Failure to communicate pertinent information to the claimant
Failure to conduct a reasonable investigation of the insurance claim
Refusal to pay an insurance claim without investigating
Failure to deny or pay the insurance claim within a reasonable period of time
Failure to confirm or deny coverage within a reasonable period of time

For well over a decade we have helped clients fight against the insurance companies to obtain fair insurance settlements. We will apply our experience to work for you in your insurance claim case! We will fight the big insurance companies to fight for your rights in your insurance claim case and will make sure your rights are protected. The insurance claims attorneys at our Law Firm look forward to answering any questions you might have. Insurance claim lawyers are standing by 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about an insurance claim. b.

Life Insurance Claims – Life Insurance Litigation
Life insurance claims can be challenging to work with from a legal standpoint when the insurance company is trying to deny payments. The life insurance company (like any insurance company) exists to profit from trying to delay or deny payment to the beneficiary of the claim without reason to do so. The insurance company might attempt to obstruct payment for any number of reasons; for example, they might claim that the policyholder made a “material misrepresentation” when filling out the policy.

Roof Damage, Tornado, Storm and Hail Damage, and Water Damage Insurance Claims
Storms can be devastating and when mother nature strikes, she strikes with a vengeance! Many insurance providers do offer coverage for different types of storms (as well as coverage for general water damage claims). Storms like tornados and hurricanes can definitely be very damaging, but there can also be damage claims as a result of simple lightning storms as well. An insurance claims attorney lawyer at our Law Firm can help you understand these damages from a legal perspective and help you fight for your insurance claim.

Fire Insurance
Fire insurance is intended to cover fire damage (for residential dwellings as well as business establishments). Unfortunately, fires can be extremely fast and destructive to the affected area, and can also have many different consequences in regards to the damages that might be possible. A business, for example, will certainly lose productivity during the recovery process (necessary during repairs). Cash flow would be affected through profitability loss and the subsequent loss of revenue. Another example is the loss of personal belongings in a home fire. These personal possessions can often be irreplaceable.

CONTACT OUR LAW FIRM for more information on Fire Insurance Claims, Roof Damage Claims, Tornado Damage Claims, Storm Damage Claims, Hail Damage Claims, Water Damage Claims, Life Insurance Claims, Bad Faith Insurance Claims, or other types of Insurance Claims.


What is Wrongful Death?

Have you experienced the death of a loved one? The death of a loved one can cause feelings of extreme anguish and mental trauma. If the death of a loved one is caused by another person, this anguish can be even more devastating! Wrongful Death occurs when negligent acts or omissions (sometimes intentional acts) by another person, a business, or a government entity cause a person’s death. These are some examples of wrongful death situations. An 18-wheeler truck driver who is busy on the phone while driving is failing to pay attention to his driving. If his inattention causes an accident that results in a fatality, then that driver could be responsible for the death of the person killed in that accident. There may be dangers in the workplace causing the death of an employee. This could result in a wrongful death case against the employer or other parties if there was a negligent act, omission, or some other fault of the employer or other party that caused the employee’s death.

Spouses, children, and (sometimes) parents may have a wrongful death claim. Call now and you can speak with an experienced and qualified wrongful death attorney or wrongful death lawyer about your wrongful death case. Your call is free, and our highly experienced wrongful death attorney or wrongful death lawyer will be able to assist you in a wrongful death case!

What are Damages in a Wrongful Death Case?
Texas has a statute for wrongful death cases and damages. Typically, the law requires a person to be appointed to represent the estate of the deceased. This person would be the representative of the wrongful death case on behalf of the deceased person. There can be different categories of damages in a wrongful death case. These include medical expenses, lost income (including income earning capacity), pain & suffering, mental anguish, loss of companionship, love, affection, and maybe even inheritance damages. Analyzing damages in a wrongful death case requires analysis of many factors, such as the age of the decedent, occupation of the decedent, education levels, and other factors that could play a huge role in determining financial damages. If the deceased in a wrongful death case is a high-income earner, he or she might have a higher level of damages than a wrongful death case where the deceased earns a lower income. There are situations where a person can seek punitive damages in a wrongful death case. The acts causing wrongful death must be proven to be extremely egregious or malicious. Exemplary damages also require a higher standard of proof. Even if the jury has approved punitive damages, the courts in Texas will generally have much stricter guidelines in approving punitive or exemplary damages.

Your wrongful death case deserves the experience and professionalism that an experienced wrongful death lawyer or wrongful death attorney can provide. You can call for free and have a free initial consultation about your wrongful death case with one of our experienced wrongful death lawyers or wrongful death attorneys. Our lawyers and attorneys offer a free initial consultation, and you pay no lawyer or attorney fee or costs unless we recover money in YOUR wrongful death case.

What Are Some of the Causes of Wrongful Death?
Many causes of wrongful death may give rise to wrongful death lawsuits. A partial list is included to give some of the common causes of wrongful death claims.

Automobile/Car Accidents: Car accidents, including trucks, motorcycles, bus accidents, drunk drivers (or not drunk), and even train or pedestrian accidents!
Work Accidents: The category of work accidents is broad and includes construction accidents, heavy equipment accidents, and industrial accidents. These accidents can include explosions at the workplace, faulty equipment, fires, or even product liability!
Premises Liability: Premises liability is when the death occurs on a property in circumstances that make a property owner liable. Dramshop Liability: A Bar owner can be held liable if someone is served too much alcohol on the bar’s premises and this results in the death of the person drinking, or others.
Negligent Supervision: If death occurs as a result of those in charge not properly supervising a minor, or someone considered mentally unfit, this is negligent supervision, which can result in a wrongful death case.
Medical Malpractice: Medical Malpractice is another broad category that (generally) indicates that the death of the individual has resulted from misdiagnosis of an individual, or perhaps poorly executed treatment or medical procedure.
Criminal Attacks: wrongful death claims arise in cases of murder or manslaughter.

Do you have further questions about a wrongful death case? We have an experienced wrongful death attorney or wrongful death lawyer standing by, ready for your phone call. The call is free. The attorneys at our Law Firm provide free consultation on all wrongful death cases, and you do not pay any attorney or lawyer fees or any costs unless we recover money for the client in a wrongful death case.

Are There Time Limitations To Bring a Wrongful Death Case?
Generally, claims in a wrongful death case have to be brought within 2 years from the date of death. There are instances, however, where more than 2 years have elapsed since a person’s death, but some exceptions allow bringing a suit past this 2-year deadline. Never automatically assume that your right to file a suit has been waived, because of this 2-year deadline. Always consult with a wrongful death lawyer or wrongful death attorney for guidance.

If you, your family members, friends, or acquaintances find yourselves in circumstances involving the wrongful death of a family member or loved one, please give us a call. The experienced wrongful death lawyers and wrongful death attorneys at our Law Firm can help evaluate your case, and advise you on paths to explore in your pursuit of justice. We will fight for YOU! THAT’S a promise! Speak directly to a wrongful death attorney or wrongful death lawyer, on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week at our Law Firm. The call and initial consultation are free and we look forward to helping you with your wrongful death case or questions you may have about wrongful death.



Welcome to Our Medical Malpractice Law Firm

A DIFFERENT KIND OF LAW FIRM….. Why hire our Law Firm, you ask? Because we care about our clients. Our client’s problem becomes our problem. We fight so that our client’s voices can be heard. We fight so that our client’s stories can be told. Walking with you, every step of the way. Fighting fearlessly until justice is done! Relentless in the pursuit of justice for our clients. Walking with you every step of the way.


So what does Medical Malpractice mean? How does a patient know if they might be able to pursue a medical malpractice claim? Who, exactly, can they bring this claim against? Generally, a medical malpractice claim can be brought when the negligent action of a hospital, physician, or other healthcare provider results in a patient’s injury or death. The person making the medical malpractice claim must have some form of proof that the provider did not provide proper care and this resulted in harm to the patient. There are also specific legal requirements. For example, the law requires that the person bringing a medical malpractice claim deviated from the standard of care and it was this deviance from some standard of care that was the cause of the person’s harm. Furthermore, this claim must also be substantiated by an equivalent medical professional testifying on behalf of the patient. In other words, if the patient is making a claim against a doctor, then a doctor must testify on the patient’s behalf. And if a patient is making a claim against a nurse, then a nurse must testify on the patient’s behalf. (Those cases would be a type of nursing malpractice case). A patient or a representative of the patient (such as a family member) can bring a medical malpractice suit against another party. A medical malpractice claim can be filed against a treating physician, or any health care provider (including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes) as long as there are underlying facts to support a medical malpractice claim. There are typical types of medical malpractice claims, such as failing to diagnose a medical condition (or misdiagnosis of a medical condition), errors in anesthesia, surgical errors, medical errors, and many other situations that might arise during the course of medical practice and medical treatment. If the facts support the case, then it is possible to file a medical malpractice case against most medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, dentists (or dental office staff), pathologists, neurologists, oncologist, cardiologist, nursing home (or their staff), down to and including the hospital itself as well as the hospital workers/staff. We encourage any questions you might have about your medical malpractice case, and our lawyers are standing by to assist you, 24/7. The phone call is free, and the consultation is free. The attorneys at our Law firm charge absolutely nothing for lawyer or attorney fees unless we recover money in YOUR medical malpractice case.

Once liability is established for medical malpractice, then a person may recover the cost of past (as well as future) medical expenses that are directly related to the medical malpractice involved. It is also possible to recover economic damages as well, which includes past and future wage loss, as well as loss of income earning capacity. Furthermore, if a person establishes liability, they might also be able to recover past and future mental anguish damages for pain and suffering. This limit is not to exceed the sum of $250,000.00 in the state of Texas. Prior to 2003, there was no limit in the amount a person could recover, but legislature in 2003 capped non-economic damages for pain and suffering in a medical malpractice case. Do you have questions about a potential medical malpractice case in Texas? Call now! Our experienced medical malpractice attorneys charge no fees for the phone call, and there are no lawyer or attorney fees unless we recover money for you, our client.

At our Law Firm, we have experienced medical malpractice attorneys and lawyers representing clients. Medical malpractice lawsuits are one of the more complicated areas of law. Medical malpractice is a special area of legal practice that requires not only a clear understanding of the law but also a firm and clear understanding of the healthcare profession and medical sciences. Our Law Firm provides the experience required to help in your medical malpractice case, since we provide the necessary legal and medical expertise to understand your medical malpractice lawsuit. We take on medical malpractice cases from all over the state of Texas. We have experience in medical malpractice cases against individual physicians, nurses, private hospitals, government hospitals, even including the State of Texas itself! Our medical malpractice law firm takes on tough challenges to fight for our clients on their behalf, against doctors or other medical providers who may have caused harm or injury to our clients. Feel free to call our 24/7 phone line. We have attorneys and lawyers who provide a free consultation to discover if our medical malpractice legal service in Texas is right for you. Our Law firm charges no attorney or lawyer fees in medical malpractice cases unless we make a recovery for you, our client.

There will be situations where a bad medical outcome does not necessarily warrant a medical malpractice case. It is very possible that a practicing physician or health care provider can do everything right, everything by the book. And yet, the patient can still suffer an injury or bad outcome. Every medical procedure carries a certain amount of risk. All medication has risks. A doctor can consult with their patient and help understand and balance these risks, versus the benefits of a treatment or medical procedure. This can help the patient understand, and make a decision with their doctor towards the right course of treatment. Since the burden of proof is on the plaintiff, this means it is not always easy to prove medical malpractice or medical negligence. A patient must prove that a reasonable doctor would not provide treatment in a way that the patient is complaining about, and there must also be acts or omissions that a provider engaged in that resulted in the injury of the patient.

Typically, a person has two years from the date of the alleged medical malpractice to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. There are very limited exceptions that may apply, and you can consult with a medical malpractice attorney at our Law Firm to understand what options you might have available. If more than two years have elapsed since the event, do not automatically assume that you do not have a valid medical malpractice claim. A minor, for example, can bring suit for a medical malpractice claim once they reach the age of 18 if the event occurred while they were still a minor. Again, there are many factors that affect the statute of limitations in a potential medical malpractice case. If you have questions about the statute of limitations in Medical Malpractice litigation, call now. Our Law Firm will answer your questions. The phone call is free and the lawyers and attorneys that are available on our 24/7 phone lines will help answer your questions. The experienced lawyers and attorneys at our Law Firm will charge no lawyer or attorney fees in medical malpractice cases unless we make a recovery for you.

With very few exceptions, state and municipal governments are generally immune from suit. This means that you cannot file suit against a government entity unless the government entity agrees to be sued. There are very strict guidelines to these exceptions, and Texas law limits damages to $100,000.00 per claim or incident if the claim is against a county or municipal hospital. If the medical malpractice claim is made against a Texas or state-based hospital, then that limit is $250,000.00 per claim or incident. Some attorneys used to try to get around that limitation by suing the employees of the institution, instead of the institution itself. Tort law changes made in Texas in 2003 allow the institution to step in as the true Defendant in a case, which means that employees of the medical institution now enjoy the same limits on damages in medical malpractice cases. As you can easily see, Medical Malpractice is a very complex legal arena. If you have questions about the finer points of medical malpractice cases as related to government-run hospitals or entities, we welcome your call! Our Lawyers and Attorneys are available 24/7 and the phone call is free. We do not charge for your medical malpractice case unless we make a recovery for you, our client.

SETTLEMENT AND LITIGATION IN MEDICAL MALPRACTICEMedical Malpractice lawsuits are fought hard, right until the end. Like a gladiator fight, you need an experienced fighter to champion your cause. We have experienced medical malpractice attorneys that will fight hard for you, and fight until the very end. The attorneys and lawyers at our Law Firm are experienced in recognizing the facts and circumstances that make each medical malpractice case unique. We will fight for you to the end and are committed to your medical malpractice lawsuit. Our Law Firm charges no attorney or lawyer fees in your medical malpractice case unless we, as your attorneys, make a recovery for you, the client. We have experienced medical malpractice attorneys and lawyers standing by, 24/7 for a free phone consultation, so call now.

Our experienced attorneys and lawyers accept medical malpractice cases and provide legal representation and serve clients. Speak directly with the medical malpractice expert attorneys and lawyers at no cost, 24/7. The phone call is free and the attorneys and lawyers at our Law firm do not charge any attorney or lawyer fees or costs unless we make a recovery in your medical malpractice lawsuit.



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