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If you have been injured due to the negligence of an individual or company, then you may be looking for the kind of client-driven, experienced, and dedicated representation our Law Firm provides. We focus on the following areas of personal injury practice:

Car Accident
Truck Accident
Motorcycle Accident
Boat Accident
Wrongful Death

At our Law Firm, we focus on a small number of cases – serious injury matters so we can provide personalized attention and service to each client. At your free initial consultation, a lawyer will sit down and get to know you and how your injury has affected your life. By getting to know you, we can best prepared to present your injury, and the damages you suffered, to the insurance company or a jury. We believe in ethically aggressive, responsive, and principled advocacy, which results in prompt and effective representation, whether in settlement discussions or at trial. Whether you have been injured in a car accident, pedestrian accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, boat accident, or another serious incident due to others’ negligence, when it comes to recovering full and fair compensation on your behalf, we mean business.

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Do not allow insurance disputes to force you into a cheap settlement or intimidate you into giving up your rights. Please contact our personal injury lawyers before you sign any papers, or accept what an insurance company offers. A personal note from our Trial Attorneys: We look forward to beginning the discussion with you about your important accident injury claim. We represent clients in serious accident injury cases. When you choose our Law Firm, you are choosing experience. We have extensive litigation and trial experience in serious personal injury cases ranging from catastrophic personal injury (i.e. brain damage, paralysis, amputation, etc.), wrongful death, and serious personal injury claims (i.e. herniated discs, broken bones, etc.) for over two decades. When you choose us, you are choosing principled trial attorneys. We do not take every case, because not every alleged injury, especially minor ones, has a remedy. In my view, there really are many times when the best thing to do, particularly in cases involving minor injuries or a bruised ego is to dust yourself off and get back in the game (just like our parents or childhood coach taught us when we were kids). When you choose our Law Firm, you are choosing dedication and drive. We are dedicated to the clients we serve, providing them with personal attention and personal service, and driven to fight for them every step of the way within the bounds of advocacy and the law.

Contact us today to see if we can help you and your family through this time of challenge and loss.


Vehicle Rollover Lawyer

Rollover accidents can cause the most serious of injuries, including fatalities. When a car, van, SUV, or other motor vehicle rolls over, the occupants may be thrown about the interior. Seatbelts may not be enough to prevent a driver or passenger from striking the roof of the car. The position of the body, combined with the force and direction of movement, frequently causes head, neck, and spinal cord injuries. Factors that could cause a car, pickup truck, or SUV rollover can include:

The speed, direction, and point of impact of the vehicles
The angle at which a sideswiped car leaves the roadway
Defects in the design of a vehicle (as has been demonstrated in some SUV rollover cases)
Driver over-compensation in certain situations, such as when there is a tire blowout (which may be caused by tire defects)

If you were hurt in a rollover accident, you should know that our personal injury Law Firm has a proven track record of success securing compensation for injured people. With more than 20 years of trial court and negotiation experience, along with our knowledge of how insurance companies operate, we are prepared to help you secure full and fair compensation for your injuries and losses. To discuss your case with an experienced and highly ethical personal injury trial lawyer, please contact our law office. Your initial consultation is free.

Maximum Compensation when Injuries Are Most Serious
One reason rollovers frequently cause more serious injury than other car accidents is roof cave-in. Although passenger vehicles are engineered to withstand some pressure on the roof, when a car or SUV rolls over repeatedly, it is common for there to be some roof cave-in. Occupants who are lucky enough to escape crushing head injuries will still encounter tremendous force in the rollover that can cause serious neck, back, and spinal cord injuries. Brain, neck, and back injuries are catastrophic. They typically require extensive, even long-term medical care and therapy. The injured person may have to re-learn many of the skills they previously possessed. They may no longer be able to do the job they once held. They may require round-the-clock care. In any catastrophic injury case, it is vitally important to obtain financial compensation to pay for today’s medical and therapy costs as well as any costs a disabled person may face in the future. Your settlement agreement (or verdict) is the full amount of compensation you will receive. You cannot ask for more later, so your personal injury lawyer must understand your injury and what costs you may encounter in the long term in order to ensure the compensation will fully meet your needs. At our Law Firm, we investigate all possible sources of financial compensation, including manufacturer liability if a defective tire or bad vehicle design caused an SUV rollover.

Understand Your Rights
We are prepared to help you no matter how complex your case. Contact our Law Firm if you were involved in a rollover accident. Your initial consultation is free, and there are no fees or costs for you to pay unless we obtain a financial settlement, award, or verdict in your case. Call today!

Home and hospital visits are available for your comfort and convenience.


Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents frequently result in serious or catastrophic injuries, including bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Whenever injuries are serious, it is important to obtain the maximum possible compensation for medical care, lost earnings, and pain at suffering. To best protect your legal rights following an accident, it is advisable to contact an experienced and qualified pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible. Our team of pedestrian accident lawyers will arrange for an experienced investigator to reconstruct the accident scene, preserve evidence, and interview witnesses. Because we have handled dozens of pedestrian accident injury claims, we understand the important details and steps necessary to maximize your compensation. In the event you were hit by a hit-and-run driver or uninsured motorist, we may be able to help you recover compensation in an uninsured motorist personal injury claim.

Types of Pedestrian Accidents
Pedestrian accidents frequently involve vulnerable individuals, including young children and elderly adults. Children under 16 are statistically most likely to be hit by a car, while elderly adults are most likely to die as a result of a car vs. pedestrian accident. At our Law Firm, we strive to help our clients recover full and fair damages for injuries resulting from all types of pedestrian accidents, including:

Intersection accidents
Crosswalk accidents
Bus stop accidents
Hit-and-run accidents
Sidewalk accidents
Driveway backover accidents
Parking lot accidents

Pedestrian accidents are frequently the result of negligent driving, such as speeding, texting, and driving, driving under the influence, or driving while distracted. Intersection and crosswalk pedestrian accidents often occur because motorists are visually looking for other vehicles, but are not paying attention to walkers and joggers. More than 5,000 deaths are reported nationwide due to car vs. pedestrian accidents every year, according to the NHTSA.

Experience to Get You Results With any accident
Selecting an attorney who is familiar with the unique legal issues of your accident can mean the difference between a fair settlement and no compensation at all. At our Law Firm, our award-winning trial attorneys have recovered more than $100 million in verdicts and settlements. Our personal injury lawyers have more than 70 years of combined experience handling personal injury and wrongful death claims. Our pedestrian accident case results include a $3.3 million settlement for a bus vs. pedestrian accident and a $2.2 million settlement from a pedestrian vs. automobile accident. We have also obtained seven and eight-figure recoveries in a car accident, bicycle accident, motorcycle accident, and trucking accident personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Understanding Your Rights After An Accident
Our pedestrian accident lawyers represent victims of pedestrian accidents throughout the state of Texas. Call us toll-free or request a consultation through our website. Consultations are available at our office or at your home or hospital room. In your free consultation, an attorney will review the circumstances of your accident, negligence, and fault issues, and give you an honest opinion of the potential value of your case. If we are able to represent you in your personal injury or wrongful death claim, we will not charge any fees unless we recover money for you. In the event that we accept your case and do not recover a favorable settlement or verdict, you will owe nothing.


Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents result in thousands of preventable deaths and injuries every year. Although motorcycles accounted for only two percent of all registered vehicles in the U.S., motorcycle riders account for almost nine percent of total traffic fatalities reports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Although the majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by the negligent or reckless actions of another driver, other factors such as road and weather conditions can contribute to a crash occurring.

The personal injury attorneys at our Law Firm can hold the at-fault party or parties responsible for the harm they have caused you. Our motorcycle accident attorneys can assist clients in filing a personal injury claim. In a personal injury claim, victims can seek financial compensation for damages associated with a crash and resulting injuries. Compensation may be recovered for medical bills, lost earnings, loss of benefits, and pain and suffering.

Causes of a Motorcycle Accident:
Driver negligence
Speeding excessively
Making an unsafe left-hand turn
Making an unsafe lane change
Driving distracted
Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
Failing to obey traffic signals
These are all examples of negligent or reckless behavior on the part of a motor vehicle driver.

Defective motorcycle design or parts
A defective bike part or design flaw can cause a tragic motorcycle accident. Faulty tires, brakes, throttles, and steering mechanisms can point to negligence on the part of the bike manufacturer.

Road conditions
Road conditions can be affected by weather, construction, and debris. The maintenance of a road is usually the responsibility of a government entity and if a dangerous road condition, such as a pothole, did not get repaired within a reasonable amount of time, the government entity may be liable.

Weather conditions
Snow, sleet, ice, rain, and strong wind can diminish a rider’s visibility, traction, and driving ability. Adverse weather conditions can also make it harder for motor vehicle drivers to detect a motorcycle on the road. Failing to see a motorcycle before it is too late is the leading cause of motorcycle accidents in the U.S.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries
According to various motorcycle accident statistics and studies, riders typically suffer from more severe injuries than the occupants of the car that hit them. Without the protection of a steel cage, riders can sustain severe head injuries, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, internal organ injuries, amputation (limb loss) injuries, broken bone injuries, and back and neck injuries. Many riders suffer multiple injuries in a crash, which for thousands of riders every year, tragically result in death.

When to Call a Motorcycle Accident Attorney
If you were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, acquiring the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer is critical. A motorcycle accident lawyer at our Law Firm can inform you of your legal rights, facilitate the claims process, and negotiate with insurance companies and defense attorneys. Insurance companies often try to place blame for the collision on innocent motorcyclists. If an insurance company is denying your claim, delaying payment on a claim or wont pay the full amount of a policy, it is imperative that you contact our firm. Our personal injury attorneys can fight against insurance companies who may try to deny you maximum compensation for your serious injuries. One of our motorcycle accident attorneys can arrange to meet you at your hospital, home or work. Consultations are free and there is no obligation.



Despite efforts by many bicycle organizations and government agencies, a considerable amount of work must still be done to make roads and streets safe for cyclists. A study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) revealed more than 700 U. S. cyclists were killed in crashes with motor vehicles in one year. Sadly, almost 91 percent of cyclists killed were not wearing a helmet. According to the IIHS, helmet use has been estimated to reduce the risk of head injuries by 85 percent. The IIHS also reports death among cyclists 16 and older increased 91 percent, while death among cyclists younger than 16 declined significantly in the same year. Adults between the ages of 35 and 54 represented almost 40 percent of all bicycle collision fatalities in the state.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident, it is within your best interest to speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. The San Jose bicycle accident lawyers at our Law Firm understand how devastating an unexpected injury can be. If the bicycle crash injury was caused by the negligent or careless actions of another, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Our firm has helped clients obtain compensation for medical costs, lost wages, lost benefits, disfigurement, shortened life expectancy, and pain and suffering.

Causes of Bicycle Accidents
In most studies, driver negligence has been shown to be the most common cause of accidents involving a cyclist. Common negligent or careless actions by a motor vehicle driver, include:
Backing out before checking mirrors
Use of drugs or alcohol
Unsafe left-hand turns
Failing to yield the right of way
Driving through a stop sign or red light
Overtaking the cyclist.
Faulty bike parts, such as brakes, handlebars, and spokes, are also a common cause of bicycle accidents. Defective brakes, handlebars, or tires can cause a cyclist to lose control of a bike and inadvertently collide with a car, the ground, or a stationary object.

Statute of Limitations
Texas statute of limitations places a time limit on filing a personal injury claim. It is important for injury victims to speak with an attorney as soon as possible following an accident. The bicycle accident attorneys at our Law Firm can advise injured victims of the time limits that apply to their case and ensure their opportunity to pursue monetary compensation from the responsible party or parties is not missed.

Protecting Victims Legal Rights
Following a bicycle accident, one of the most important decisions you will make is selecting a lawyer to represent your case. Defense counsels often portray cyclists as reckless individuals who do not follow traffic laws, making it more challenging to prove liability in a bicycle accident case. The injury attorneys at our Law Office have many years of experience representing seriously injured victims and can help to dispel any question of character. Contact our firm toll-free to learn more information about how we can help protect your legal rights.


Car Accidents

With progress, getting around can lead to repeated delays between traffic delays and construction closures. With many distracted drivers on the roads these days, drivers can find themselves in a motor vehicle accident that can get quickly get expensive. When your finances are on the line, no one will protect your wallet better than a car accident attorney.

Don’t know what to do after a car accident?
A skilled car accident can save you a bundle by taking on your claim. You won’t need to deal with other drivers and insurance reps who may be trying to shortchange you when you have an experienced car accident lawyer by your side. We handle the claims you need to file after a car accident so you don’t have to. Don’t delay when making this important decision: there are deadlines you have to meet in order to qualify for some types of compensation. A lawyer can make sure the evidence you need to prove your claim is filed on time and that your case is built on a strong foundation for the result you need. Car accident victims who are hurt are often faced with staggering costs at the same time. A car accident lawyer can help you figure out how to make your recovery possible as you exercise your legal rights and overcome challenges to prove your case.

Some drivers may be worried about being on the hook for expensive lawyers fees. With a free consultation, its easy to put that fear to rest. In addition, a qualified car accident lawyer won’t charge you unless you win. Here is how an attorney can help when filing a car accident claim on your behalf:

By knowing where to look for recovery: Finding out how much you are owed and where youre going to get it from won’t be difficult when you choose the right lawyer. Beware of attorneys who promise to win you a certain dollar figure. However, you can trust a skilled car accident lawyer to uncover all avenues for compensation in your case. For some drivers, their insurance coverage may not be enough. A qualified car accident lawyer will aggressively pursue all sources for recovery.

By building a strong case: Supporting your claim with facts isn’t easy for people who aren’t experts in car accident victim law. Insurance companies and courts will be looking for reasons to reject your claim. A sound lawyer can assemble a case that meets all legal requirements and has the most evidence you need. Sometimes, drivers assume this process won’t be difficult if the other motorist is found at fault, but it’s not uncommon for people to change their story about the responsibility for a car accident especially when it starts to get expensive. By collecting police reports and medical records, interviewing witnesses, gathering any photos or video of the crash, a skilled lawyer can support your claim. In some cases, youll need experts to evaluate your case and provide testimony. A qualified lawyer will have the resources to make this a reality.

By meeting deadlines and limits: Your insurance policy may have a limit of how much you can receive after a car accident. It is also likely to have strict deadlines for filing claims and supporting evidence. There are also limitations for being able to file legal actions after a car accident. You won’t have to keep track of these if you hire an experienced car accident lawyer.

By keeping your costs in mind: Victims of car accidents may be owed both current and future medical costs, but figuring out how much money you deserve is no easy task especially when the insurance company is also trying to lowball you. An experienced car accident lawyer can determine the value of your claim.

By dealing with the insurance company on your behalf: When the insurance company comes to you with a settlement, how will you know it’s fair? In some cases, it will be obvious. In others, you may not know that you will be left shorthanded until years down the line when your injuries associated with the car accident require additional medical attention. Some drivers make the mistake of believing in the goodness of an insurance company. Even though the people who work there and contact you after a car accident may be upstanding employees, you need to keep in mind that an insurance company’s business involves spending as little as possible on payouts. As a car accident victim, you deserve more, and you can get it when you hire an experienced car accident attorney. Instead of allowing insurance representatives to record your statements and potentially use them against you, an attorney can handle these matters on your behalf. One survey showed that victims received, on average, twice as high compensation when represented by a lawyer, as opposed to simply accepting an insurance company’s settlement.

A car accident often comes out of the blue, leaving many drivers feeling bewildered. For some, their cars will be totaled. For others, their lives will be changed. We represent all types of car accident victims and we tailor our solutions to their unique circumstances. Even before relying on our proven defense, car accident victims can protect themselves after a crash by avoiding the following mistakes:

Don’t admit fault: Avoid taking responsibility after a crash by admitting guilt or apologizing at the scene.

Don’t forget to call the police: You’ll want to document your car accident with an official record on file with a local law enforcement officer. This could contain important information you’ll need later.

Don’t assume the other driver will stick to his/her story: If it was clear the other driver caused the crash and she/he might even say so out loud, don’t assume that she/he will stick to the original story, either. The issue of liability might come up if the other driver or the other driver’s insurance company decides to deny responsibility. To protect yourself from this, hire a seasoned car accident lawyer who can stand up for you if you find yourself facing legal action.

Don’t sign anything: Whether it’s a document from the other driver or from your own insurance company, don’t sign anything until a skilled car accident lawyer has given it a thorough review.

Don’t give a recorded statement: The insurance company may find the opportunity to use what you say as a means of lowering the settlement offered to you.

Don’t believe the first settlement is the last: Typically, the insurance company’s first offer to resolve a car accident claim won’t be enough to truly take care of a victim. A car accident attorney can spot what the insurance company hasn’t considered. You should rely on a qualified car accident attorney to assess your true damages. This may include lost wages, lost earning capacity, past medical costs, future medical costs, loss of companionship, or emotional pain.


Car Accidents

If someone has died in your immediate family from a car accident, the last thing on your mind may be whether to make a wrongful death claim against the person at fault. When someone you love has been taken away from you because a driver was speeding or drunk at the time, you may not be able to focus on how you are going to survive financially in the future. This is where a car accident attorney can help. A wrongful death claim can be filed against the person who was responsible for the death of your loved one. The claim, if successful, will help to compensate for any financial loss which results from the death of a breadwinner in the family.

Wrongful Death Meant to Relieve Financial Hardship for Survivors
Wrongful death claims are relatively recent legal procedures in this country. Not so long ago, compensation excluded family members of an accident victim. If someone died as a result of an accident, then that was the end of the story, as it was considered that the only recipient of compensation was the person who was injured. The change in legislation came about because it dawned on the authorities that someone’s death could have major implications for the deceased’s close family, especially if they were financially dependent on them. The claim process is designed to allow a spouse, surviving children, or parents, if they were dependent on the deceased, to avoid financial hardship as a result of the untimely death.

If you have lost a loved one recently, you will hardly be in a fit state emotionally and psychologically to go through the process of fighting a wrongful death claim by yourself. This is best left to an attorney, who has relative experience with handling this type of claim. The claim process can be quite protracted, as evidence has to be collected and blame for the death made certain.

Wrongful Death Not Just Due to Car Accidents
Wrongful death claims are made primarily against a person whose proven negligence has caused the death of an innocent victim. They are not just restricted to the victims of vehicle accidents. Wrongful death claims are made against the manufacturers and distributors of fatally defective components and appliances as well as medical practitioners who are found to be negligent, to name just a couple more examples. State legislation clearly prescribes who is entitled to benefit from any successful wrongful death claim. The claim is prepared with the help of a personal injury attorney with experience in wrongful death but is heard by a judge. The judge will ultimately decide on the amount of money that is to be paid out. This will be decided after assessing the real needs now and into the future of the dependents of the deceased. Usually, a surviving spouse will be the first beneficiary. If there is no spouse, then dependent children will be the next to be considered, followed by any surviving parents who were living at the same residence and were dependent in some way on the deceased. Wrongful death claims may not bring a loved one back, but they may help to bring some sense of closure to the family of the deceased. Being able to see justice done in a situation when someone else actually caused the death, by the way they were driving, makes the death a little easier to bear.

Wrongful Death Attorneys Respectful and Sympathetic
Our wrongful death attorneys have complete empathy with anyone who has lost a close family member and has to adjust to that loss. Personal injury attorneys with experience in wrongful death claims have dealt with these sorts of claims many times before and know how to be sensitive and sympathetic when it comes to investigating the circumstances of the death and the accident that caused it. When a judge makes a decision about a wrongful death claim and the amount that is to be paid, he or she takes into account various factors. One of them is the age of the family members that survive and their degree of dependence, looking into the future. For instance, consider a child who has a major disability. The surviving spouse may have no way to earn money because he or she has to remain at home to care for the child. A wrongful death claim would have to consider the long-term costs of looking after both the spouse and the disabled child. Similarly, if the only surviving members were elderly parents and there was no other spouse or anybody else to care for these people, then the wrongful death claim would consider their welfare as long as they still survive.

Wrongful death claims usually have at least three components. The most important is the amount decided upon to compensate for financial loss. The second is an amount for medical expenses, including funeral expenses, if the person now deceased had lived for any period after the actual accident. A third amount may be awarded to cover the pain and suffering endured by the surviving family members. In some instances, a fourth component may be awarded, which is called punitive damages. These are awarded to punish a person who was particularly and knowingly negligent in their actions which led to the death of the person.

Wrongful Death Claims a Warning to Errant Community Members
Wrongful death claims do not just help the surviving family members in a time of grief and financial hardship. They serve as a warning to the community that certain forms of behavior are reprehensible and should be punished. Of course, a wrongful death claim is an entirely civil case that has nothing directly to do with any charge that is leveled at the person at fault by the legal justice system. It is quite likely that any person who was found to be DUI at the time of the accident or accused of reckless driving may be convicted of a criminal offense. They could face jail, as well as fines and other penalties. The wrongful death claim is most likely to be paid out of the driver’s insurance policy and not directly by the driver himself or herself.

If you have lost a loved one recently and are unsure of whether you may be entitled to make a wrongful death claim, then make an appointment with a car accident attorney, as they will be able to give you free and impartial advice about your next step.


Car Accidents

If you have been involved in a car accident and you have suffered a spinal cord injury and this took place due to the negligent action or recklessness of another driver, then you should contact an aggressive personal injury lawyer. An attorney will help you and your family pursue a compensation claim from the person who caused your injury. You are not expected to take the burden of any financial hardship that takes place as a result of someone else’s action.

What Happens In a Spinal Cord Injury?
The location and extent of your spinal cord injury will indicate how serious the injury is. Your spine is made up of four sections: the cervical spine is positioned at the top, the thoracic spine in the middle, and the sacral and lumbar portions at the base. Each part of your spine consists of millions of nerves and these send impulses throughout your body. Through this activity, your movement is regulated and so is your cognitive function. If the nerves become damaged, several serious things might happen and these include:

Breathing Difficulties
Brain damage
Loss of bladder function
Loss of sexual function
Spinal Cord Injury

A spinal cord injury is a result of trauma to the nerves or damage to the soft tissue, bones, and vessels which surround the spinal cord. This type of injury can cause severe pain which is not only unbearable but may be difficult to heal completely.

Causes of Spinal Cord Injury
Spinal cord injuries take place commonly due to falls, diseases such as polio or spina bifida, sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, industrial accidents, and assaults. If the spine has already been weakened due to a condition like arthritis, any minor injury could cause spinal cord trauma.

Types of Spinal Cord Injury
There are two types of spinal cord injury and they are referred to as incomplete and complete. With an incomplete injury, there is a small amount of functioning beneath the injury level, with a complete injury the victim loses all functioning beneath the injury level.

Spinal Injuries Can Be Life-Changing
Anyone who sustains a spinal cord injury will most likely be affected for the rest of his or her life. Losing the feeling in any part of the body is traumatic both for the victim and family members. It may well mean the victim will be confined to a wheelchair as the best means of being mobile. This is a frightening prospect especially if the person has normally enjoyed a physically active life. The victim may well lose his or her job and have to rely on family for financial needs. Situations like this can become very difficult particularly if the family was dependent on the victim to sustain their basic needs such as shelter, food, medical costs, and education. This financial loss will be felt by all. One day, someone is a breadwinner, and as a result of a car accident that took three minutes, that person may well be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his or her life.

Financial Security Is Important to Us All
The whole matter of financial security does not have to end right there as the financial hardship experienced by the victim is not his or her responsibility. If anyone has been injured in a car accident and it was not their fault they may be entitled to a compensation claim from the at-fault driver. This claim is designed to cover medical costs for the victim and loss of earnings from the day of the injury to when full recovery has taken place. There is also an amount to cover for the unplanned pain and suffering the victim has had to endure. Without this financial help, you may be burdened with expenses that are not due to your actions. It is of vital importance that you get those who are responsible for your hardship to pay for the damage that has been done. No one wishes to visit a medical center for treatment constantly because of a non-ending pain and if the pain is not your fault then it is not your responsibility to pay the medical bills.

You May be Entitled to Compensation
If you think you may be entitled to compensation for your spinal cord injury that happened due to the negligent action of a car driver then you should contact a car accident attorney who has the knowledge and experience to put forward and finalize a claim for compensation. To determine how much compensation you may be entitled to, an experienced attorney will have to assess how much effect the injury has had on your life. This may include medical costs, your opportunity to work, emotional damages, and pain and suffering. The amount that is sought for victims of a spinal cord injury will be calculated on the basis of your personal financial requirements, and of the effect on your family.

You Will Need a Car Accident Attorney
The financial hardship and pain and suffering are hard to bear when someone in your family has been hurt. However, by hiring a car accident lawyer this is the chance you have to build a successful case against the driver who caused such devastating injuries. It is not always to do with money but it also is a warning to other possible negligent drivers that causing serious injury to someone they don’t know doesn’t mean they are not held responsible. If you don’t hire an attorney to fight for your compensation, then you are not asserting your legal rights to be compensated for an accident that was not your fault.


School Bus Accidents

Throughout the U.S. more than 450,000 school buses take children to and from school every day. Most parents, when they see their children off in the morning, trust the drivers who are employed to take them and certainly would not think that an accident is likely to take place. However, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), school bus collisions are frequent enough that over 17,000 children are injured every year. School bus drivers and bus companies have been given the responsibility for passenger safety and they must ensure that everything is done to uphold this important responsibility. As with all traffic out on the highways, all traffic laws must be obeyed, otherwise, there is likely to be a serious crash that could involve both fatalities and serious injuries.

Despite the school bus seat belt law, many Texas school buses remain belt-less. That’s because the legislation requires three-point seat belts on all buses that are the model year 2018 or later. Students are encouraged to use and fasten lap belts when available, and when a bus is in motion. Often injuries could be avoided if seatbelts were worn when a school bus collides with another vehicle. There are specific factors that cause bus accidents and these include:

Driver negligence including distractive driving
Dangerous, poorly maintained roads
Unfavorable weather conditions
Defective vehicles and parts
Inadequately maintained buses

Who Is To Blame For A School Bus Accident?
A school bus accident might not necessarily be the fault of the driver. It could be the condition of the road that caused the bus to crash. In this situation, it will be necessary for an investigation team to confirm what caused the accident and who is to blame. If the driver was using a cell phone when the accident took place then the driver may be found to be the cause. Poorly maintained brakes and steering could result in an accident. This would not be the fault of the driver but the person or company who is responsible for the maintenance of the bus. Sometimes it is the parts that have been used in the bus that cause an accident. In this case, the manufacturer of the part would be investigated and if found to have produced defective parts then this business might have to accept liability for the school bus accident

When injuries do happen when a crash takes place they are frequently severe and may need long-term medical treatment.
The most common injuries to children in bus accidents are:

Cuts and bruising
Head injuries
Spinal injuries
Burn injuries
Brain injuries
Fractured and broken bones
Internal organ injuries

If school bus drivers do not drive carefully and as a result accidents occur and injuries are the outcome, then the drivers and the bus companies are often held responsible for the injuries. When someone is injured in an accident, he or she is legally entitled to file a claim for compensation from the driver who was operating the bus or the school bus company. Accident victims are entitled to claim monetary damages to cover the cost of medical expenses, injuries, loss in wages, loss in future income, mental and physical impairment, damage to property and pain and suffering. If your child has been injured in a school bus accident, then you will be able to provide better medical treatment and aftercare if you file a claim for compensation from the person who caused your child’s injury.

You Will Need an Experienced Bus Accident Attorney
You will need to contact an experienced school bus accident attorney to ensure you claim the amount your child deserves. This will depend on the extent of the injuries and if long-term care is required. Whatever your child’s requirements are, your chosen attorney will know exactly what amount you are entitled to. You might have to give up your job which would affect the financial security of your family perhaps for a long time. This would be taken into account too.

Don’t Talk to the Bus Company’s Insurer
If after the accident you are approached by the insurer of the bus company with a token payment. Don’t accept it as insurers can’t always be trusted to have conducted a thorough investigation of the effects of your child’s injuries. A proper negotiation has to take place between your accident attorney and the insurer of the person found to be the cause of the accident. Without this discussion, you won’t receive the compensation that you deserve.

Personal Injury Lawyer
If one of your children has been injured in a school bus collision, you can arrange a free consultation with an attorney who will ensure your legal right is upheld to recover damages for your child’s injuries. With the right attorney, you can be assured that your child’s school bus accident will be looked at with compassion and care. It is important that you receive the justice you deserve for the pain and suffering and financial hardship that your child’s accident has brought to you, your child, and your family. You normally do not have to be concerned about paying any upfront fees as most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will only need to pay once your settlement has been reached and your payment has been received. You must remember, however, that there is a statute of limitations for personal injury cases and this is two years from the date of your child’s injury. Once the two years is up then you will not have the chance to relieve the financial hardship that has occurred due to your child’s tragic school bus accident. You will have to pay yourself for another person’s negligence which caused the devastating accident. You have nothing to lose by calling a school bus accident attorney.


Pedestrians and Bicyclists

When a car, truck, bus, or motorcycle careers out of control on busy city streets, it is not just other road users who get hurt. Pedestrians and bicyclists have the least protection of any potential accident victim and are much more likely to be seriously or even fatally injured if they get hit. If you have been injured as a pedestrian or bicyclist because of the negligent driving behavior of somebody in charge of a motor vehicle, then you may be entitled to make a claim against those responsible. A car accident attorney can help you determine whether a claim against an at-fault driver or anyone else responsible for an accident in which you were involved is worthwhile fighting.

Pedestrians Less Likely to Get Hit Than Occupants of a Vehicle
Compared to the occupants of cars and other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists are less often injured. This is probably simply a reflection of the fact that there are far fewer pedestrians and cyclists using the sidewalks and roads than people in vehicles. While a car can be hit anywhere on the highway system, pedestrians are most likely to be injured within the confines of an urban area. While the frequency of pedestrian and bicycle accidents is relatively low, these accidents are more likely to result in severe injuries. Pedestrians are more likely to get hit when they cross a road. However, accidents happen on pedestrian crossings and crosswalks as well as on sidewalks when vehicles fail to stop at a crossing, or lose control and mount the sidewalk. Bicyclists are in many ways even more exposed to an accident than pedestrians, as they usually share the same common space as other road users. Despite wearing high-visibility clothes and helmets, bicyclists are still regularly being hit by inattentive motorists.

Pedestrians and Bicyclists Bear the Brunt of an Impact by a Motor Vehicle
When pedestrians or bicyclists are injured, they can suffer from serious injuries. A pedestrian may be pushed across the road or against a wall or other hard object when hit by another vehicle. Just about every part of their body could be damaged in some way. It doesn’t take much of an impact by a vehicle of any sort to inflict major harm on a pedestrian. Typical injuries include:

broken bones
internal injuries to the lungs, kidneys, stomach, and liver, especially if the impact of the vehicle throws them against something hard
or sharp
brain damage
neck and back damage, including damage to the spinal cord.

Should Pedestrians Wear Crash Helmets, Too?
Pedestrians may think they have a right to feel safe when they are using the sidewalks and no pedestrian would think they would have to wear safety gear, like a motorcyclist. Have you ever seen a group of pedestrians walking down a sidewalk with crash helmets on? Yet the reality is that pedestrians have more chance of severe injury if they are hit by a motor vehicle than if they were actually in a car that was hit instead. Bicyclists invariably get thrown off their bicycles if they are hit from any direction by a vehicle. The danger is that they hit their heads first on the ground. Wearing a helmet does give some protection if the cyclist’s head directly hits the ground first. However, it is not infallible, as research indicates that a cyclist’s head may be forcefully rotated as it hits the ground and the helmet is actually then more likely to cause serious head injuries than if it was not worn. The instinct is to hold the arm out as the cyclist falls to the ground, so it is not surprising that hand, wrist and arm injuries including bone fractures are common in these accidents. Bicyclists will also suffer from the same sorts of injuries as pedestrians because they have no other protection than their helmet if one is worn. Pedestrians and bicyclists have the right to use the road and near road facilities in most areas. The irony is that many people deliberately walk and cycle as much as they can in order to stay healthy. When they are forced to use an area, even if it has been set aside for them close to a busy road, there is no guarantee that they are not going to get hit by a negligent driver.

What can a Pedestrian or Bicyclist do if they are Injured?
The priority for anyone injured in a vehicle accident, whether they were actually inside a vehicle when the accident happened or riding a bicycle, horse, motorcycle, or were on their own two feet, is to get proper medical attention as soon as possible. Many injuries which result from a sudden impact or collision may not reveal themselves until later, so even if you think that you have been unharmed, you should get yourself thoroughly checked over after an accident. Later, when you can collect your thoughts and are just beginning to worry about the long-term effects of being injured through no fault of your own, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. You may be eligible for compensation from somebody who was driving negligently at the time. The worst-case scenario is that you were hit by somebody who fled the scene after the accident without stopping, so you may not have any idea how you were hit. Other worries may occur if the driver, if he or she was at fault, may be uninsured or underinsured. Even in these desperate circumstances, there may be ways of securing part or all of what you need to get you back on your feet. A hit and run driver may be identified, located, and arrested. Uninsured motorists and underinsured motorists may not have the policy to ensure you get what you deserve, but your pedestrian accident attorney may be able to find a clause in your own insurance policy which means you get some compensation at least, even if it doesn’t come from those at fault.


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